International Student Appeals

Your appeal is informal if you don't want the University to keep a written record of the appeal, the process of investigating it and the outcome. Informal appeals will not be actioned. If you want confidential advice please contact International Services on 02 6773 3854.

Your appeal is formal if you do want the University to keep records of the appeal, the process of investigating it and the outcome. A formal appeal must be submitted in writing.

Information regarding a formal appeal

  • Your identity will not be revealed without your permission beyond the person or committee handling your appeal
  • If you need to appeal against a decision made by the University, you have 20 working days from the date of the decision to decide whether you want to make an appeal
  • The University will begin to process your written formal appeal within 10 days of submission
  • Processing the appeal will be at minimal or no cost to you
  • You will have the opportunity to present your case personally and you can be accompanied by a friend or advisor when doing so
  • If the appeal results in a decision in your favour, the University will immediately take whatever action is need to put things right
  • If you are not satisfied with the result of your appeal you will have been given information on any further appeal options including appealing to the UNE Ombudsman
  • Once all internal appeal options are finalized and you are still dissatisfied with the decision you can appeal to the NSW Ombudsman
  • While your appeal is being processed, the University will maintain your enrolment at UNE. You will still need to attend classes, submit assignments, pay tuition fees, but provided you do all this, your enrolment will not be suspended or withdrawn
  • UNE Life (02 6773 3116) can assist you with student advocacy
  • North & North-West Legal Services (1800 687 687) or the Northern Settlement Services (email: or will provide one free consultation if you require legal assistance