How we support you at UNE

We want you to do well at UNE, so we have a range of services and programs in place to help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

Academic Skills Office

The Academic Skills Office (ASO) is UNE’s learning support to help you to succeed and excel in your studies. The ASO will help you to study more effectively and improve your results.

Student Services and Support

At UNE we want to be sure that you have as smooth a passage as possible through your degree. We services to support your study from enrolment to graduation. Some of these services include:

You can also contact the National Disability Coordination Office based at UNE.

24/7 Online Tutor Support

With 24/7 tutor support you can upload a draft assignment 24/7 and get detailed feedback in less than 24 hours. Academic literacy and assignment support is also available for essay and report writing, assignment research, referencing and citation and study skills.

Online after hours support (3pm-12am) is available for foundation skills in maths, science and business studies as well as first year accounting, economics and statistics.

UNE also offers many academic skills workshops via video conference. The workshops offered include subject-area specific sessions in writing and study skills. We also have a wealth of online resources available to all students to help with assignments and exam preparation.

Library Services

The University Library provides access to a wide range of information in electronic form and houses a large collection of books, journals and audio-visual material in the Dixson Library and the Law Library. In addition, the Dixson Library hosts the Learning Commons where you will find computers, media rooms, a podcasting studio, group study rooms and rooms for problem-based learning. Many of the resources found within the libraries are available online so you can do your own research at home or on campus.

Oorala Aboriginal Centre

Oorala Aboriginal Centre is the study and advisory support centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at the University of New England.

From your very first visit to UNE, right throughout your studies until completion of your degree and graduation, Oorala is here to support you. Whether you are enrolled on campus or studying online, the Centre assists you with enquiries and referrals about courses, academic advice, accommodation, Abstudy, scholarships and cadetships.

Oorala also offers tutoring through the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS), computer and study facilities, and activities to engage with other students and the local Aboriginal community.

Other Opportunities

There are a range of options available to enhance your study at UNE, including

  • opportunities for leadership and teamwork through community participation
  • parliamentary internships
  • international exchange programs as credit towards your UNE degree
  • personal and academic support programs
  • links and partnerships with industry, research organisations and training bodies.