How to Make an Annual Leave or Long Service Leave (full-pay) Booking

Are these Instructions for You?

These instructions are for any permanent or fixed term UNE staff members who want to book annual leave, or long service leave at full-pay.

If you wish to book long service leave at half-pay, you must use the multi-purpose leave form.

Login to WebKiosk

Go to WebKiosk

Note: HRS recommends using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when using WebKiosk

Can’t Login?

Leave Bookings Request Screen

There are two ways to access the Leave Bookings Request screen:

  • Option 1: click on ‘My HR’, then ‘Leave’ and then ‘Leave Bookings Request’
  • Option 2: click on ‘Leave Requests’ in the ‘My Favourites’ menu

option 1 leave requests image

option 2 leave requests image

You will then be on the Leave Bookings Request screen, click on ‘Leave Booking Request’ to be taken to the leave booking page.

leave booking request link image

Making Your Leave Booking Request

Job Number: if you only have one job number, this will be auto-filled; if you have more than one job number, select the job number that the leave booking relates to.

  • If your leave will cover a period that affects more than one job number, you will need to book leave multiple times

Part Day: click this box if your annual leave is only for part of one day.

  • Clicking this box will change the look of the screen- the End Date row will disappear and Unit row will change to Hours

Leave Code: select either ‘Annual Leave’ or ‘Long Service Leave’ from the drop-down menu

Start Date: click the calendar and select the first date for your leave booking

End Date: click the calendar and select the end date for your leave booking

Unit or Hours: if your leave booking is full day, leave this row; if your booking is Part Day, enter the number of hours you are away for, e.g. 1 hour = 1; 3 hours and 30 minutes = 3.5; 2 hours and 45 minutes = 2.75

Medical Certificate: select ‘No’ from the drop-down menu

Supporting Documentation: select ‘No’ from the drop-down menu

Reason: nothing needs to be done for this row

Comment: You can add a comment here, e.g. going on holiday to the beach

Click ‘Save and Submit’ to send you leave booking request to your supervisor, or ‘Save Draft’ if you want to make changes to your request before submitting it to your approver.

long service leave full pay booking request image

annual leave part day booking request image

Reversing, Unsubmitting or Deleting your Leave Booking

You can now see your leave booking request and its status on the Leave Bookings Request screen under ‘Pending Applications’.

You can also delete your leave booking request or unsubmit your leave booking to make changes to it by clicking on ‘Delete Booking’ or ‘Unsubmit Booking’.

Once your leave has been approved, it will appear under ‘Future Leave Bookings’. If you wish to cancel this leave, you must submit a request to reverse it.

leave status deletion reversal image

Potential Issues and Assistance

“Error – The amount of leave requested exceeds available balance”

leave request exceeds balance error message image

  • You are trying to book an amount of leave that is greater than your available balance; you will need to reduce the amount of leave you wish to take.
  • You can check your balances via the ‘Leave Balances’ section of WebKiosk.