Full- or part-time study

UNE prides itself on the flexible approach to study load we are able to offer to our students over our three study periods or trimesters. ‘Study load’ refers to the number of units you choose to study in any given study period. For example, if you are working full time, have family or carer responsibilities, and/or have commitments to volunteer and community activities, you might want to enrol in part time study of only one or two units each trimester.

If you are studying full time you will typically enrol in eight units over the three trimesters each year.

Because of the flexibility offered by UNE, you can move from part time to full time in response to the variable demands on your time.

If you have any plans to change the number of units you are studying (your study load) it is always a good idea to consult with the Unit or Course Coordinators to ensure your study pattern will meet the course requirements for graduation. Should you need to make changes to your enrolment in units do so before census date to avoid academic and financial penalty and possibly risk paying for a unit you have no plans to complete.

There are other important dates on the UNE Principal Dates page and on the Australian Government's Study Assist website that may also assist in your planning.

You will need to study full-time if you are in receipt of student benefits from Centrelink (i.e. Austudy or Youth Allowance) or to be eligible for some other student benefits. We recommend checking the Department of Human Services webpage for the most up-to-date information regarding Centrelink benefits and study loads.