Organisational Leadership

Why Study Organisational Leadership at UNE?

Our programs provide you with relevant knowledge and skills to allow you to operate at both middle and senior management positions in the public and private sector and in a wide variety of voluntary organisations. In line with UNE's long tradition of providing education and training to professionals in the workforce, we recognise prior learning and work experience, reducing your study time if you are eligible for advanced standing whilst maintaining our academic standards.

Having been active in the area of leadership almost from the start of UNE, we have a proud record of graduates. With such a long tradition, our graduates have found employment in virtually all areas of Australian professional life and beyond – you will also find a good complement of UNE graduates in international organisations and in other parts of the world. The latter reflects our global orientation as well as our reputation.

During your studies you will build personal relationships with our staff, who have experience with providing academic and personal support to distance education students. We realise what it means to combine work and study, which is why flexibility is so important to us. It is also why we try to optimise the link between work and study by academic content that has a direct bearing on what you do, and by allowing you to draw and reflect on your own experiences in self-study and assessment tasks.

Flexible Learning Environments

We offer flexible learning environments for on- and off-campus students including a fully supported, interactive online learning experience. Students who choose to study on-campus get to experience our beautiful and expansive campus.  If you choose to study by distance education you can be assured of great IT support with your interactive online learning experience. UNE's online technology allows all students close engagement with both academics and your peers.