Human Resource Management

Why Study Human Resource Management at UNE?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is taught as a major in the Bachelor of Business degree and the course is accredited by the Australian Human Resource Institute.  This means that the program has the stamp of approval from Australia's premier professional group for human resource managers. Studying HRM in the Bachelor of Business will prepare you for a wide variety of possible roles in business, in both the public and the private sector.  If you want to learn how to deal with people and ensure they perform at their best and with a high level of satisfaction, then this subject is for you.

At UNE, we pride ourselves on teaching HRM in ways that make your learning more meaningful and applicable to the workplace.  We help you to understand human behaviour in the workplace and how to manage it more effectively.  We also help you to think critically about how best to manage people in the workplace and how to manage human resources in light of the legal and regulatory frameworks that businesses must abide by.  Our program offers options for you to explore management of indigenous organisations, organisational development and change and ethics as well as an opportunity to develop further research skills.

If you have studied HRM in our Bachelor of Business, the prospects for a career after you graduate are quite varied and exciting.  Virtually any role involving personnel or human resource management would be open to you.  In your study of HRM at UNE, you will also acquire research-oriented skills, which will add value for any employer.  Not every HRM program ensures that students have research skills, but at UNE we do.  This means if you do take on a job as a personnel manager and a staff survey needs to be conducted, you will be the person who is able to take that task on and do it effectively.

UNE has been consistently awarded five stars in the Good Universities Guide for student satisfaction. We have excellent student-staff ratios which means our academics have more time to spend with each student, offering you a more personal experience.  Our academic team include active researchers, bringing their knowledge to the classroom, maximising your learning benefit.

Flexible Learning Environments

UNE offers flexible delivery modes, including online support, for study on- an off-campus. Our excellent student/staff ratios which means our academics have more time to spend with each student, offering you a more personal experience.  The UNE Business School is ranked highly for student satisfaction.  Our academic team include active researchers who bring their expertise to the classroom - maximising your learning.



Postgraduate Research



If you complete the HRM major in the Bachelor of Business at UNE, you will be eligible to become a professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), because our program is accredited by them.  If you join AHRI, you can then add the postnominal MAHRI after your name, something that will speak to the marketplace about your qualifications and skills.