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Mandatory Practicum Requirements


InPlace is a placement system that you will use before and during your placement/s. You will be able to access placement details and supervisor contact details here. Please refer to the Student InPlace Manual under Practicum Handbooks and Resources for instructions on how to do so.

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Careers in Exercise and Sports Science/Clinical Exercise Physiology


Founded in 1991, Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is a professional organisation which is committed to establishing, promoting and defending the career paths of university-trained exercise and sports science practitioners. ESSA’s vision is to achieve member excellence in exercise and sports science that will enrich the health and performance of every Australian.

For more information on ESSA:

  • Visit their website -
  • Now that you have an understanding of the ESSA membership structure and potential career options, it is useful to hear how professionals in the field have worked their way into their current roles. Review the presentations below for some advice from the field.
Academic Team

Dr Cloe Cummins

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mr Stephen Goodman

Lecturer in Exercise & Sport Science (Motor Control & Skill Acquisition)

Dr Adrian Gray

Senior Lecturer in Exercise & Sport Science

Dr Timothy Lathlean

Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Dr Melissa Pearson

Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Dr Kath Shorter

Senior Lecturer in Exercise & Sport Science (Biomechanics)

Course Coordinator - Clinical Exercise Physiology and Exercise & Sport Science

Discipline Convenor - Teaching & Learning

Professor Neil Smart

Professor in Exercise & Sport Science

Discipline Convenor - Research

Ms Liz Urquhart

Clinical Placement Educator

Clinical Placements

Clinical Placement Office

Phone: +61 6773 3712


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to begin completing some of the required practicum hours prior to commencement of Trimester 2?

Answer: Before you commence practicum it is essential that you have completed and passed the prerequisite units first. As such, the hours required cannot be started before these units have been completed. We will allow you to commence prior to formal Trimester 2 commencement but only after you have been deemed to pass all required prerequisite units.

I have been offered an internship/work opportunity prior to Trimester 2 of my 3rd/4th year. Can I use these hours towards my placement?

Answer: As above. This should not, however, deter you from making the most of opportunities and experiences in the field.

Can I obtain RPLs for practicum hours completed as part of an equivalent course in a different institution?

Answer: Yes, providing that you had also completed equivalent prerequisite units as part of the equivalent course and had appropriate supervisors sign off on hours completed.

I have been working in the Exercise & Sports Science industry for many years. Can I claim any of this experience as RPL towards my practicum unit?

Answer: No, as you have not completed the prerequisite units. You can count work hours to your placement after completion of prerequisite units, providing that you have a suitable supervisor sign off on these logged hours and they abide by ESSA’s requirements.

Can I apply for advanced standing for the practicum units based on prior or current work experience?

Answer: As per Discipline policy and ESSA rulings, advanced standing cannot be granted for any practicum unit, unless the student is transferring from another NUCAP-accredited university. This means that prior or current work experience will not contribute to the practicum hours that are required to be completed. When a student is transferring from/or completed another NUCAP-accredited university degree, the advanced standing application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis following submission of supporting evidence for review.