Studies in Religion

Studies in Religion is concerned with the diversity of religious experience and expression across all civilisations, ancient and modern, and all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Our courses provide a solid grounding in some of the world's most significant literatures, ideas, and belief systems.

You'll start with a broad and comprehensive introduction to the world's religions, with the opportunity for focused study at advanced levels. We look at the circumstances under which religions come into being, their founders, their sacred writings and stories, the structures of believing communities, and how the most important features of these religions develop within different societies.

Undergraduate and postgraduate study

Majors: We offer an undergraduate major, as well as an Honours program, and degrees at Masters and PhD level.

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Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Undergraduate courses

Studies in Religion can be completed as a major in the following undergraduate courses:

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science />Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary Arts)
Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice
Bachelor of International Studies

Undergraduate diplomas

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Interested in honours? For Bachelor Honours see honours and postgraduate courses.

Honours and postgraduate courses

Further course options for Studies in Religion

Undertake Studies in Religion with honours or at postgraduate level in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor Honours

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

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Postgraduate coursework

Graduate Certificate in Arts

Master of Arts

Postgraduate research

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our staff

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The first year units focus on the five major world religions. At advanced level, students have the choice of undertaking study in areas such as Islam, Buddhism, early Judaism and Christianity and their scriptures, the Crusades, ancient Mediterranean religions (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Canaan and others), issues in modern church history, women and world religions, philosophy, and more. All units of study:

  • encourage a critical and open attitude to all religions
  • offer a breadth of methods drawn from history, philosophy, sociology, political and literary theory
  • are concerned with both traditional and contemporary expressions of religion
  • focus on the part religions play within social and political life, nationally and internationally.

Career options for Studies in Religion graduates

We aim to create a multidisciplinary critical-skills base in the area of religion for those in training for, or active within, professions that engage with the religious aspect of multicultural societies.

Graduates have skills in dynamic and flexible thinking, with knowledge to contribute across a large range of careers including:

  • law
  • teaching
  • social work
  • counselling
  • journalism
  • public service
  • business
  • marketing
  • defence
  • foreign service.

Further information

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