Special / Inclusive Education

Excel your abilities!

If you want to become a teacher, or you are a qualified teacher wanting to advance your skills, our units of study in Special and Inclusive Education will offer you effective and evidence-based instructional and assessment strategies to support the learning of students with diverse learning needs. Your acquired skills will include strategies to assist the management of challenging behaviour.

A common theme across all our teaching and research is collaboration with all stakeholders involved in supporting the diverse needs of students. By integrating our Special and Inclusive Education units into your teaching degree, you will develop advanced investigation and problem solving techniques to address issues related to individuals with special education needs.


Special and inclusive education units of study (EDLT and EDSP prefixes) are offered in undergraduate and postgraduate awards. For a detailed description, link to the Course and Unit Catalogue and do a unit search.


Special and Inclusive Education units of study are integrated into the following courses: