Special Education / Disability Studies

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Special education has a key place in the area of disability studies.

Our courses of study in special education and disability studies are unique in that they can lead you, after graduation, along multiple career pathways; the broad area of disability studies covers a number of sectors including early childhood and early intervention, the compulsory education years, and post-school and community options. Professionals working in the disability sector include teachers, social workers, psychologists, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists.

Our courses combine an inter-disciplinary approach with several UNE schools contributing:

A key element of our courses is professional experience. Practical placements are arranged in the community and primary school, and special education settings.

Link to the Course and Unit Catalogue for detailed information about relevant awards:

Academics who teach into these degrees are active researchers—their research informs their teaching. In addition, there are explicit links with industry groups that contributes to the framing of the programs and our research UNE actively engages with industry partners in school education and community education particularly further education and funded non-government service providers.

UNE is committed to being a national leader in interactive e-learning. Our programs of study are delivered using the latest interactive technology. These degrees demonstrate what education in the 21st century is about—an active engagement with the broad education sector while actively engaging in research and community links.