Creative and Performing Arts Education

So, you're interested in teaching Visual Art, Music or Drama?

If you are an aspiring teacher, or a qualified teacher wanting to advance professionally in the arts, our units of study in Creative Arts Education will develop your ability to deliver quality programs in Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance for all students from K-12.

The Creative Arts are a recognised Key Learning Area in the school curriculum.

Our Creative Arts Education units:

  • help to explain the key aspects to the syllabus (K-6 or K-12);
  • demonstrate and model how to get started in teaching art, drama, music and dance; and
  • guide you in how to plan an effective school arts curriculum.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to a range of valuable teaching resources and information technologies that will enrich your future teaching.

Units of study

Creative Arts Education units of study (EDAE prefix) are offered in undergraduate and postgraduate awards. For a detailed description, refer to the Course and Unit Catalogue.


Undergraduate study

The following Primary School teaching awards include Creative Arts Education units, offering a multi-arts focus, meaning you will be equipped to teach Primary School children across the range of creative arts. Refer to the Course and Unit Catalogue for more information about:

The following Secondary school teaching awards include the option of choosing Creative Arts related Curriculum Areas:

Postgraduate study

If you have completed a major in music, visual arts or drama in an undergraduate degree—Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Theatre/Drama Studies then enrol in:

Other UNE degrees that may help you achieve your goal: