Contextual Studies in Education

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The Contextual Studies in Education team teaches both core and elective units of study within all undergraduate teaching courses, the Bachelor of Training and Development, and a number of postgraduate education courses.

Our units of study in Contextual Studies in Education are designed to develop your knowledge of social and cultural influences on education and related policies, and both to analyse critically and devise ways to improve educational programs, teaching methods, and learning outcomes at all levels (K-12; and higher/adult education).  Our aim is to educate global thinkers who, in the future, can lead, manage, and work in a variety of educational settings.

We investigate national and international educational contexts by engaging with and understanding conceptual frameworks from the sociology and history of education, comparative education, and adult education; theories concerned with curriculum development, social justice, ethics, contemporary gender theories, and post-structural and post-colonial theories; as well as specialty studies in sexualities, class, race, religion, social movements, educational leadership, globalisation and critical multiculturalism.

These investigations provide you with 'tools' to draw on interdisciplinary perspectives, leadership in contextualised knowledge, and professional best practice, with an eye on continuous improvement in class presentations, assessment tasks, and the critical analysis of policies and teaching practices. Studies in contextual analysis seek to develop understanding of the values underpinning educational policies and programs.  Our teaching methods promote critical and reflective inquiry and aim to develop an understanding of education and teaching as scholarly, reflective, ethical and political activities.

Units of study

See the range of Contextual Studies in Education units in the Course and Unit Catalogue by searching on units with EDCX and EDUC (specific units only) prefixes.

Courses of study

Contextual Studies in Education units are integrated into the following postgraduate courses: