Meat Science


The meat science group at UNE is a dynamic team that carries out a combination of research and teaching. Our research is largely focused on the biological and processing factors that influence meat quality. A large portion of the research funding is derived from MLA, the Beef and Sheep CRCs, and therefore most of the work is concentrated on these species. In Australia the focus is on fresh meat quality, rather than processed meats.

Why study Meat Science at UNE?

The Meat Science group at UNE have been leaders in the development of the beef and sheep meat grading systems in Australia. The research focus is on production and processing factors that impact on meat quality in both beef and sheep. There are current projects working with supply chains to facilitate better feedback systems and underpin the development of value based marketing systems. A number of MLA projects are working with new technologies to improve and measure meat quality attributes in the meat processing area. The Meat Science course gives an overview of the development of these industry systems and an up-to-date status on the research. There are also opportunities to integrate into these projects with honours and postgraduate studies. Our close working relationship with industry provides opportunities for employment in the feedlot and processing industries.


ANPR211 - Animal Production Systems and Products
ANPR340/440/540 - Feedlot Management
ANPR460 - Beef Production
MEAT418/518 - Meat Technology
PLTY301/ 501 - Poultry Production
WOOL300 - Fundamentals of Sheep and Wool Production
WOOL412/512 - Sheep Production


Meat Science graduates are highly sought after by industry to fill science and industry positions. A proportion of graduates have gone onto postgraduate studies and ultimately secured positions in research organisations both within Australia and overseas. The Meat Science group has very good industry contacts and generally have a number of industry scholarships and traineeships being offered. In the past few years we have had the situation where trainee positions have outnumbered suitable students.


The Meat Science group at UNE were the second research group in the world to install a CAT Scanner dedicated to animal production research. The original CAT Scanner was recently replaced, and provides UNE with a unique resource for animal research.


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