Cotton Production


What we call the 'Cotton Production Course' is a set of four units that cover the production, crop protection, and environmental management of cotton crops in the Australian industry. The course was developed by the Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre (Cotton CRC) and is offered through the University of New England. The cotton units neatly combine to form a Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (majoring in cotton production) or can be used towards a series of agriculturally oriented degrees, diplomas and masters programmes. The first unit in the series 'Cotton Production' is also offered through the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland in some undergraduate courses.


COTT300/400/500 - Applied Cotton Production
COTT301/401/ 501 - Cotton Crop Protection
COTT202/302/402 - Cotton and the Environment
COTT203/303/ 403 - Cotton Farm Systems and Technology Transfer


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