New Courses on offer in 2017

In addition to the nearly 200 courses already offered, UNE is proud to announce the introduction of a range of new awards for 2017. We are continuously revising and introducing new courses to ensure that your qualifications are relevant and that you get an education that will really set you apart.

New courses to choose from include:

If you are looking for a university that combines industry-valued qualifications and the highest academic standards with flexible modes of learning, then UNE is a smart choice.

Take a look at all the courses available for 2017 .

Revised Courses

UNE is constantly striving to improve our offerings so that you can really stand out in your field. At UNE, we are focused on helping our graduates achieve the outcomes they desire from their studies. The course below has been restructured to ensure it is relevant to today's changing employment climate.

  • Master of International Businesswas Master of Business