Bachelor of Environmental Science

Study mode: On-campus/online
Duration: 3 years full time/up to 10 years part time

When you undertake this degree you will study environmental issues with experienced biologists, ecologists and environmental managers. The course will provide you with an understanding of the building blocks of our environment and their interactions, providing you with the key scientific knowledge and skills required by employers.

It provides a strong scientific understanding of global environmental issues and well-developed technical and scientific competencies in field and laboratory related to: ecological principles and methods, land and environmental impact assessment, design and analysis of experiments and surveys, and spatial measurement, mapping and analysis.

On graduation you will be valued for your expertise in basic scientific disciplines and for your ability to apply your knowledge to cross-disciplinary areas, especially those relating to environmental issues. You will have opportunities to undertake a wide choice of elective units in soil, ecological restoration, conservation biology, water, wildlife or vegetation.

The Bachelor of Environmental Science also provides a specialisation or major in Management where additional skills in project management, natural resources policy, land, wildlife and water management can be obtained.

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Bachelor of Environmental Science

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