Mode On campus; online
Duration 1.5 or 3 years full time;
up to 10 years part time
ATAR/OP 72.55/12

When you study a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNE, you will learn strong programming, technical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills that are essential in careers as such as software application development, data analysis, business intelligence analysis, programming, web development and systems engineering, just to name a few.

Our degree has been designed particularly with software development and computational science roles in mind, but as computing has become so important to so many different fields, it allows you the flexibility to choose units from other science degrees if you choose to.

In the core units you will learn multiple programming languages, as well as the modern collaborative tools and practices that software teams use to design, develop and deliver a range of products.
As part of your Computer Science degree you will work on a project where you will develop solutions to real world computing problems that affect a range of industries, from community organisations to the corporate world.

Beyond these core units, you can chose one of two majors in which you can specialise, or you may choose to study both majors, depending on where your interests and ambitions lie.

In the Software Development major, students study topics such as:

  • artificial intelligence
  • functional programming
  • networks and security
  • development for the modern web
  • mobile development, and
  • user experience (UX) and interaction design

In the Data Science major, students learn topics that relate to applying computing to scientific fields. This includes:

  • statistical modelling
  • machine learning
  • data analysis algorithms
  • parallel data processing with GPU.

If you decide to choose a single major, you can add your own customised set of additional units to complete the degree with a specialty matching your interests.

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