Agriculture and Rural Science

When you study Agriculture and Rural Science at UNE you will learn the skills required to understand the science of agriculture and food production. As issues such as food security and sustainability become increasingly important, such skills are in high demand in the rural sector both in Australia and around the world.

Bachelor of Agriculture

Study mode: On-campus/online
Duration: 3 years full time/up to 10 years part time

The Bachelor of Agriculture will give you an understanding of the implications of land use and management change on agricultural productivity. This degree suits students who are interested in the management of agricultural landscapes, primary production, landcare, soil conservation and natural resource management.

When you graduate you will be equipped with skills that are in increasing demand in the rural sector.

Bachelor of Rural Science

Study mode: On-campus/online
Duration: 4 years full time/up to 10 years part time

The Bachelor of Rural Science will provide you with a sound scientific understanding of the interactions in Australian agricultural systems between the soil, plants, animals and changing climate. Providing food and fibre for growing populations in Australia and worldwide in a challenging climatic environment, so when you graduate you will be capable of understanding and integrating whole agricultural systems. You will also have the communication skills and confidence to solve practical agricultural problems at farm, catchment and national level.

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