Animal Science and Zoology

If you are interested in a career working with animals, the Bachelor of Animal Science and Bachelor of Zoology offer graduates two distinct pathways.

Bachelor of Animal Science

Study mode: On-campus/online
Duration: 4 years full time/up to 10 years part time

The Bachelor of Animal Science deals with man’s often complex relationship with animals and how we manage them. The course offers three specialist majors:

  • Livestock Production - This major has streams enabling specialisation in sheep and wool science, animal health and nutrition, animal genetics, intensive animal production and consulting and advisory services.
  • Canine and Equestrian Science - This major will suit you if you have an interest in companion animals. You will learn the fundamentals of animal nutrition, physiology, genetics and human-animal interactions before specialising in their chosen fields. Students in this major will be well placed for a career in the pet-food industry, detector dog agencies, canine control and the equine and racehorse industries.
  • Wildlife Management - If you are seeking a career in the management and conservation of wildlife or management of feral animals, this major is for you. It also looks at the ecological basis for the stable, threatened and nuisance status of animal species, and teaches theoretical and practical skills in animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics breeding, health and welfare.

Bachelor of Zoology

Study mode: On-campus/online
Duration: 3 years full time/up to 10 years part time

The Bachelor of Zoology is the only one of its kind in Australia. It gives you an exciting and wide-ranging experience in the science of studying and understanding both terrestrial and aquatic animals.

The course focuses on a broad range of issues, including the internal functioning of animals (physiology) and their role in their environment (ecology).

It is the branch of biology that deals with behaviour, classification, evolution, conservation and natural history, but also includes biochemistry and physiology, palaeontology, molecular biology and genetics.

It is also possible to study a Bachelor of Science with a major in Animal Science and Veterinary Studies. This degree can be used as a stepping stone to a veterinary degree or a career in a range of animal industries.

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