Student experiences

What is the student experience like at UNE? Hear what our international students have to say.

'UNE provides an excellent learning experience and a wide range of social and personal services. It is a perfect place to experience diverse culture, seasons and lifestyle!'

Deki Wangmo from Bhutan

'UNE offers plenty of degrees to choose your preferred future path which will be taught by high-quality and innovative teaching staff (many of whom are leaders in their fields).'

Sami Alghamdi from KSA

'Here at the University of New England, I am overwhelmed by the support provided for international students like me. Being a postgraduate student, we are shaped to think, create and empowered to make educated decisions that very well relate theory to practice. We are taught to embrace and overcome our weaknesses while providing avenues for growth where our potentials are maximised. My journey has been real and never painless, but if only for the inner confidence it has given me, I would not have it any other way.'

Mari Connie Maningo from the Philippines

'Armidale has a unique living environment which makes me feel at home. I have also joined some clubs, attended public activities and made some good friends. Though you must never forget to study hard! Some of the best times at UNE are studying in the library, meeting friends for coffees, playing basketball and football at the sports union. I also have sweet memories of studying at the English Language Centre, selling dumplings with my friends at the Sunday markets and talking with my Aussie friends and neighbour.'

Jun Gao from China

'UNE is really different: extremely kind staff, excellent research environment, and adequate facilities. I am very pleased I have chosen UNE.'

Thoai Ton from Vietnam

'UNE offers a warm, homely and conducive learning environment that is ideal for students who are serious about learning and receiving wholesome education.'

Rinchen Dorji from Bhutan

'I’m studying an interesting major, with great professors and pay an affordable tuition fee - this is why I chose to study at UNE.'

Van Sang LE from Vietnam