ISB results

'The global benchmark for the International student experience'

The International Student Barometer (ISB) tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions, and intentions of International students from application to graduation. It enables you to make informed decisions to enhance the International student experience. With feedback from over 3 million students worldwide across all student types, levels and years of study, the ISB is the leading bench marking tool used to track the international student experience.

The ISB results for 2018 show that UNE is ranked either 1 or 2 in Australia in the areas of Learning, Support, Arrival, and Living.

Standout results are in the categories of technology, expert teachers, social facilities, the on-arrival welcome, sporting facilities, the library, and research.

Standout results in:

Number 1 for learning

Number 1 for Learning

Number 1 for support

Number 1 for Support

Number 1 for arrival

Number 1 for Arrival

Number 2 for living

Number 2 for Living