Non-Award Law Units

UNE offers individual units of study in Law for overseas trained professionals who wish to practise in Australia.

The majority of non-award law units are offered in one trimester per year – either Trimester 1 (February - June) or Trimester 2 (June - October). Limited subjects may also be offered in Trimester 3 (October-January). Students need to check unit commencement dates before submitting an application. You can check the offering of different non-award law units on the School of Law website.

New South Wales Jurisdiction

UNE offers bridging courses for overseas trained Legal Practitioners who wish to practise law in New South Wales, Australia.

A person who has attained legal qualifications overseas is required to apply for recognition of qualifications to the New South Wales Legal Profession Admission Board. The Board will assess the qualification and recommend a course of study that will enable admission to practice Law in New South Wales.

All non-award law units are only offered by distance education. International students studying via distance education are not eligible to study in Australia on a student visa.

Further information on overseas recognised qualifications can be found through the Legal Profession Admission Board.

Other Jurisdictions

Please be aware that UNE only offers units to meet the Legal Profession Admission Board of New South Wales. If you intend to gain admission in another Australian jurisdiction, you will need to verify with that State or Territory's Admission Board whether the units offered at UNE will also meet their academic requirements.

LPAB Law Units - 2020

LPAB Compulsory ModuleEquivalent Subjects & Unit CodeTeaching Period
01 Legal InstitutionsLAW100 Introduction to Legal Systems & Methods1,2,3
02 ContractsLAW171 Law of Contract I
LAW172 Law of Contract II
03 TortsLAW231 Law of Torts I
LAW232 Law of Torts II
04 Criminal LawLAW161 Criminal Law1,3
05 Real PropertyLAW283 Property Law1
06 Constitutional LawLAW399 Constitutional Law1
07 EquityLAW340 Equity & Trusts2
08 Commercial TransactionsNo UNE equivalent-
09 Administrative LawLAW400 Administrative Law2
10 Law of AssociationsLAW351 Corporations Law2
11 EvidenceLAW313 Evidence & Proof1,3
12 Taxation & ReviewLAW352 Taxation Law1
13 SuccessionLAW301 Succession2
14 ConveyancingLAW321 ConveyancingNot offered in 2020
15 Practice and ProcedureLAW312 Criminal and Civil Procedure2
17 Legal EthicsLAW320 Professional Conduct2
24 JurisprudenceLAW455 Jurisprudence1

* In some circumstances, especially where the applicant is qualified to practice in a common law jurisdiction, the LPAB requirement to complete its Real Property module may be satisfied by undertaking LAW282 only. Applicants should contact the LPAB directly to determine whether they fall into this category.

LPAB Elective ModuleEquivalent Subjects & Unit CodeTeaching Period
16 InsolvencyNo UNE equivalent-
18 Conflict of LawsLAW320 Conflict of Laws2
19 Family LawLAW370 Family Law1
20 Local Government LawLAW336 Local Government Law1
21 Industrial LawLAW308 Industrial Law3
22 Intellectual Property LawLAW323 Intellectual Property Law3
23 Public International LawLAW361 International Law3
25 Trade PracticesNo UNE Equivalent-