Permission to Enrol Elsewhere Process

So that your studies overseas will count towards your UNE degree, you must apply for Advanced Standing through the Permission To Enrol Elsewhere (PTEE) process online. You should apply as soon as you can, so that there is time to have an outcome of your application as soon as possible.


You should apply for approximately double the required number of units to be studied overseas. For instance, if you are required to study four units at the overseas university, then find at least eight units to include with your PTEE application.




There is now an option for “Overseas Exchange” in the online form, which you should tick. That will mean you do not have to include a “cross-institutional admission form” which is only for Australian Universities. By ticking the box, you won’t need to include this form.

You will need to include unit (course) outlines for each unit you are applying for. You can often find detailed outlines on the overseas partner website. If you require further help with this, please contact the Study Abroad and Exchange Officer.

You can also attach a copy of your personal statement required for the International Exchange Application process for the justification. That is all you should need to do.


Note that credit is given towards studies elsewhere as credit points only. The grade you receive at another institution does not transfer to your Grade Point Average (GPA) at UNE. Only units studied at UNE can count towards a UNE GPA. You will need to forward the original transcript to Advanced Standing or have the overseas institution forward the academic transcript to UNE Study Abroad, UNE International upon completion so credit can be granted for the completed unit.


While you are studying overseas, you must be enrolled at UNE in equivalent Approved Overseas Studies (AOS) units matching with ones studied at the overseas institution. These are generic units, and sometimes may be listed as only one units in your UNE enrolment, so check that the number of credit points are current. For example, if you are studying all Business Units, then the AOS unit may show as AOS-BUS 24 credit points. And be listed as just “one” unit, although the 24 credit points will count as the usual four at UNE.

You will pay the usual HECS for these AOS units, and can either pay the amount up front or defer payment as you do for your usual studies at UNE, if in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). You will not be charged by the overseas institution for studying there while admitted as an official exchange student.


If you change your enrolment from the approved Advanced Standing Outcome, then it is possible that you will NOT receive credit for the units not-approved. If there is an urgent need to change your enrolment to study a non-approved unit because the quota has been met (most overseas universities have limited on the number of students in a class) or the unit is no longer available in the semester you are studying overseas, then you MUST complete a NEW PTEE online application immediately, and include a document to advise why you need to add a new unit(s). You must also include a statement as to what your FINAL enrolment will be for the overseas exchange. Failure to do this will result in the unit not counting towards your UNE degree. As this is could be in contravention of legislation, it is likely that you will be required to repay any funds granted for the overseas exchange.


You are required to advise the UNE Study Abroad and Exchange Officer within 14 days of attending ORIENTATION at your overseas institution of your FINAL ENROLMENT. A copy of the enrolment system information is requested, however as that is not always possible, you should ensure that all codes and unit descriptions are absolutely accurate, as these will appear on your UNE record.