Living in Armidale

When to Arrive

Orientation and enrolment take place before classes begin. It is mandatory that students attend Orientation programs. Once students arrive on campus, they must attend Orientation and enrolment in order to confirm their course of study. When students make travel and accommodation arrangements, they should take into account the need to attend Orientation and enrolment sessions before the trimester begins. Missing Orientation can mean that you miss important information about studying at the University of New England and living in Armidale. See the Principal Dates page for orientation and enrolment dates.

Orientation and Enrolment

International Orientation
The purpose of Orientation is to introduce new students to the University of New England campus, as well as to provide information about student life.

International Orientation also includes enrolment. Students are required to formally enrol at the University and this will include unit selection. Enrolment staff from the University Student Centre will be present to answer questions and provide information relating to candidature of the University.

University Orientation
University Orientation occurs in the week before trimester starts. During this week there are activities all over campus designed to introduce students to the campus and the services available at the University.

Arriving in Australia

When you arrive in Sydney, you will enter Australia though the International Terminal (T1). Flights to Armidale will leave from the Domestic Terminal (T3). The flight from Sydney to Armidale takes about one hour. Airlines QANTAS and REX fly daily from Sydney to Armidale. Fly Corporate operates with flights from Brisbane to Armidale, this flight also has a duration of one hour.

You can book flights online before you leave home. Remember it may take a couple of hours to clear customs and immigration (if you arrive at a busy time) so when booking connecting flights, make sure you give yourself enough time. The airport at Armidale is seven kilometres from the city centre. You can catch a taxi cab from the airport to your accommodation. Alternatively you might like to organise free airport pickup through the International Services when you accept your offer.

Families at UNE

Students with Families
Students who are planning to bring their families with them while they study will need to prove that they will be able to support their families financially while they are in Australia. If students spouses want to work in Australia, they must consult the Department of Home Affairs to ensure that they are eligible to work in Australia. If students spouses wish to take English language training, students should contact the English Language Centre at UNE to find out what services and programs are available. Students travelling with their families will need to consider the additional costs of accommodation, schooling, and childcare. Armidale has a range of quality education and childcare facilities, for further information please visit the Welcome to Armidale - Education and Training website.

If you are bringing your children with you, you need to be aware of the following:

  • School-age dependents are required to attend school while in Australia.
  • You will be required to pay full-fees for your children's enrolment in either a Government or Non-Government School.
  • You will need to enquire about enrolling your children in school prior to leaving your home country, and you will be required to pay a semester's fees in advance. Schools will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) so that you can obtain a visa for your children.
  • The Diplomatic Mission in your country can provide more information about getting your child into school in Australia, including costs and conditions.
  • You need to take into account the distance you will need to travel from home to University, and what method of transport you will use to get your children to school.


Armidale has a variety of local supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, cafés and rural industries which provide casual and part-time employment opportunities for students. Student visas are granted with permission to work. This will allow you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the trimester and full time during official UNE breaks. If you are staying in Armidale over the holidays you will often have an advantage over others looking for work, as many employers prefer to hire people who can continue to work during these periods.


Students should be aware that Armidale has four distinct seasons and therefore it is essential that appropriate clothing and accessories are considered before arriving into Armidale. Please see the below charts for a guide on seasonal temperatures and rainfall:

Armidale Temperatures 

Average temps (degrees Celsius)MaxMin

Armidale Rainfall

Average RainfallRain (mm)

Religious Services

Chaplains at UNE have been appointed by the religious organisation to which they belong. Regular activities include:

  • discussions with people seeking meaning and purpose in life
  • offering assistance to people who approach them for support in times of crisis
  • providing opportunities for prayer, study and mediation

UNE has a mosque on campus which sells Halal food at different times during the week, as well as providing prayer facilities for all Muslims, including Friday prayers. For more information, visit the Muslim@UNE web page.

Other religious organisations who have members or services in Armidale include Anglican, Baha'I Faith; Baptist; Buddhist; Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints; Hindu; Lutheran; Presbyterian; Quakers; Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist and Uniting Church. More information can be found online at the Chaplaincy web page.


There is a wide variety of food available in Armidale from a range of different cultures and traditions. All supermarkets stock a range of Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and European ingredients, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. There are also many restaurants and cafés to choose from in Armidale which serve a variety of food including Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean and European.