Australian Homestay Network

A homestay is a cultural exchange between an international student and a local individual or family in the host country. The “host” provides accommodation and support for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Homestays can be tailored to provide meals, assistance and other activities.

Homestays are designed to support international students A homestay program provides international students with much more than a place to sleep and eat. Each homestay experience should provide an opportunity for the student and the host family to learn from each other, share interests, and establish a foundation for a successful stay in Australia.

If you require short term accommodation for a few nights there are a few budget-friendly properties in Parramatta that can be booked through

  • 21 Sorrell Shared Apartment approx. $95 per night
  • Fiori Apartments approx. $93 per night

Other websites that may be of use are Wotif and LastMinute.