2021 Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

On the 19th of October the Job Ready Graduates Package was passed by the Parliament. This legislation changed the classification and pricing structures for most students. Prices for students who commenced their course of study or transferred to a new course of study after January, 2021 can be found below. If you commenced your course of study prior 1st January, 2021 please go to the  Pre-2021 CSP Students page.

Students in Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

If you are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) you will be charged a Student Contribution Amount for each enrolled unit of study. The Student Contribution Amount will vary depending on the unit's Field of Study and Contribution Band rather than the degree in which you are enrolled. Your student contribution pays a proportion of the cost of your course and the remainder of your cost is funded by the Commonwealth Grant Scheme. These amounts are changed each year by the Commonwealth Government.

If you are unsure if you are enrolled in a CSP please refer to your letter of offer to confirm the fee place you have been offered. It will say CSP if you have been admitted to this category.

For more information about Commonwealth Supported Places, including the new criteria for continued eligibility, please visit Study Assist website.

Student Contribution Amounts by Field of Study

Please note: There may be exceptions to student contribution amounts listed in the table below for some specific courses or units. This will occur as some courses or units may fall into different Bands and are charged accordingly.

Field of StudyPer 6 (credit point)*Per EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load**
Band 1: Agriculture, Clinical Psychology1, Education, English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Nursing, Statistics$493.00$3,944.00
Band 2: Allied Health, Built Environment, Computing, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Other Health, Pathology, Professional Pathway Psychology2, Professional Pathway Social Work3, Science, Surveying, Visual and Performing Arts$993.00$7,944.00
Band 3: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science$1,412.00$11,296.00
Band 4: Accounting, Administration, Commerce, Communications, Economics, Law, Society and Culture4&5$1,812.00$14,496.00

1 Postgraduate Clinical Psychology units of study are in funding cluster 2 and are psychology units of study that contribute to courses of study that are accredited for the purposes of professional registration by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and which lead to Endorsed Areas of Practice in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational and Developmental Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Sports Psychology and Community Psychology.

2 Professional Pathway Psychology units of study are Behavioural Science units that contribute to courses of study that lead to a bachelor’s degree, honours degree or master’s degree in psychology with a course structure that makes it compulsory to study the units relevant to professional registration as a psychologist by the Psychology Board of Australia, and which itself represents a pathway to professional registration as a psychologist.

3 Professional Pathway Social Work units of study are Human Welfare Studies and Services units that contribute to courses of study that lead to a bachelor’s degree, honours degree or master’s degree in social work accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

4 Excluding Postgraduate Clinical Psychology units (see note 1), and excluding Professional Pathway Psychology units  (see note 2).

5 Excluding Professional Pathway Social Work units (see note 3).

* Most units at UNE are 6cp (credit points) and run for a single trimester. However there are some two-trimester and year-long units which may be equivalent to more credit points.

** The amount shown (EFTSL – Equivalent Full Time Student Load) represents the cost of full-time enrolment for a full year. This is 48 credit points or 8 units per year and will vary depending on the course and units studied.

Students may withdraw from a unit without financial penalty prior to census date each study period.

HECS-HELP Up-front Payment Discount

For units of study with a census date on or after the 1st of January, 2021, eligible students may be entitled to a 10% discount when making an upfront payment of either 90% of the full invoice or over $500. Please visit Study Assist for more information.

Student Contribution Amount by Unit

You can check on the credit point value, contribution band and student contribution amount for a particular unit by using the Student Contributions Amount by Unit Search to help determine the cost of your unit.