2020 Postgraduate Domestic Full Fees

If you are a Domestic Higher Degree Research Student (Masters by Research or Doctorate) – see Research Training Program (RTP).

Course TitleCourse Credit Points(1)Fee Per 6 cp (credit point)(2)Fee Per EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Student Load)(3)Estimated Course Cost based on 2020 unit prices (4)
Bespoke Course 1 & 2 units6 - 12$3,399- 
Bespoke Course 3 & 4 units18 - 24$3,244- 
Graduate Certificate in Accounting24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Agribusiness 24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Agriculture48$3,934$31,472$31,472
Graduate Certificate in Arts48$2,991N/A$23,928
Graduate Certificate in Business24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Data and Cyber Management24$2,700N/A$10,800
Graduate Certificate in Data Science24$3,287N/A$13,148
Graduate Certificate in Disability24$2,986N/A$11,944
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies24$2,991N/A$11,964
Graduate Certificate in eLearning24$2,991N/A$11,964
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science48$3,934$31,472$31,472
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Health Management24$2,673N/A$10,692
Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education24$2,466N/A$9,864
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology24$3,287N/A$13,148
Graduate Certificate in Management24$3,273N/A$13,092
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice24$3,080N/A$12,320
Graduate Certificate in NDIS Business Development24$3,026N/A$12,104
Graduate Certificate in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards 24$2,991N/A$11,964
Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice24$2,956N/A$11,824
Graduate Certificate in Science24$3,934N/A$15,736
Graduate Diploma in Accounting48$3,273$26,184$26,184
Graduate Diploma in Counselling48$3,064$24,514$24,512
Graduate Diploma in Data Science48$3,287$26,296$26,296
Graduate Diploma in Disability48$2,986$23,888$23,888
Graduate Diploma in Disability Management48$2,986$23,888$23,888
Graduate Diploma in Economics48$3,273$26,184$26,184
Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning48$3,273$26,184$26,184
Graduate Diploma in Health Management48$2,673$21,384$21,384
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology48$3,287$26,296$26,296
Graduate Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Practice48$3,080$24,640$24,640
Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards 48$2,991$23,928$23,928
Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice48$2,782$22,256$22,256
Graduate Diploma in Psychology60$3,119$24,952$31,190
Graduate Diploma in Science48$3,934$31,472$31,472
Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Applied Linguistics72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Applied Linguistics (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Applied Theatre Studies48$2,991$23,928$23,928
Master of Arts98$2,991$23,928$48,853
Master of Business Administration72$3,273$26,184$39,276
Master of Computer Science96$3,287$26,296$52,592
Master of Counselling72$3,064$24,514$36,768
Master of Data Science96$3,287$26,296$52,592
Master of Disability96$2,986$23,888$47,776
Master of Economic and Regional Development72$3,273$26,184$39,276
Master of Economics (Coursework)96$3,273$26,184$52,368
Master of Education72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Education (Special Education)72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Environmental Science and Management96$3,934$31,472$62,944
Master of Health Management72$2,673$21,384$32,076
Master of History96$2,991$23,928$47,856
Master of Information Technology96$3,287$26,296$52,592
Master of Information Technology (Business)96$3,287$26,296$52,592
Master of Laws96$3,273$26,184$52,368
Master of Mental Health Practice72$3,080$24,640$36,960
Master of Strategic Organisational Development and Human Resource Management72$3,273$26,184$39,276
Master of Planning and Management of Natural Hazards 72$2,991$23,928$35,892
Master of Professional Accounting (48 cp)48$3,273$26,184$26,184
Master of Professional Accounting (96 cp)96$3,273$26,184$52,368
Master of Professional Psychology48$3,895$31,160$31,160
Master of Psychology (Clinical)96$3,859$30,872$61,744
Master of Neuroscience96$2,986$23,888$47,776
Master of Science in Agriculture96$3,934$31,472$62,944
Master of Scientific Studies96$3,934$31,472$62,944
Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)96$3,211$25,688$51,376
Master of Teaching (Primary)96$2,991$23,928$47,856
Master of Teaching (Secondary)96$2,991$23,928$47,856
Master of Urban and Regional Planning72$2,991$23,928$35,892


  1. This is the credit point value for the full course without any advanced standing granted.
  2. Units undertaken in 2021 and beyond will be subject to the annual price increase. (Most units at UNE are 6cp (credit points) and run for a single trimester. However there are some two-trimester and year-long units which may be equivalent to more credit points.)
  3. The amount shown (EFTSL – Equivalent Full Time Student Load) represents the cost of full-time enrolment for a full year. This is 48 credit points or eight units per year and will vary depending on the course and units studied.
  4. All course prices are subject to change on an annual basis.