Dr Tannath Scott

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - School of Science and Technology

Tannath Scott

Phone: +61 2 6773 3783

Mobile: 0423 695 386

Email: Tannath.Scott@une.edu.au


Tannath is a postdoctoral research fellow with UNE and New South Wales Rugby League. Tannath’s research interests are focused on evidence-based methods to improve performance and identify athlete fatigue and readiness to perform in team sports. Tannath has worked in both an applied and research setting, completing his doctorate in Sport and Exercise Science through Victoria University, in conjunction with his role as sport scientist at the Newcastle Knights. Prior to joining UNE, Tannath was with the Brisbane Broncos as both a strength and conditioning coach and sport science coordinator. He is also an accredited exercise scientist and sports scientist (ESSA) and strength and conditioning coach (ASCA).


Doctor of Philosophy – Victoria University

Bachelor of Human Movement (Honours) – University of Technology, Sydney


ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach - Level 2

ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist

ESSA Accredited Sports Scientist - Level 2

Primary Research Area/s

Human performance in team sports

Research Interests

High-intensity interval training

Load and fatigue monitoring

Match/training readiness in team sports

Research Supervision Experience

Tannath has co-supervised several honours and PhD students through the University of Queensland.


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Scott, T. J., Thornton, H. R., Scott, M. T. U., Dascombe, B. J. and Duthie, G. M. (2018). Differences between relative and absolute speed and metabolic thresholds in rugby league. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 13 (3), 298 – 304.

Scott, T. J., Dascombe, B. J., Delaney, J. A., Sanctuary, C. E., Scott, M. T. U., Hickmans J. A. and Duthie, G. M. (2017). Running momentum: a new method to quantify prolonged high-intensity intermittent running performance in collision sports. Science and Medicine in Football, 1 (3), 244 – 250.

Scott, T. J, Duthie, G. M., Delaney, J. A., Sanctuary, C. E., Ballard, D. A., Hickmans, J. A. and Dascombe, B. J. (2017). The validity and contributing physiological factors to 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test performance in rugby league. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 31 (9), 2409 – 2416.

Scott, T. J, Delaney, J. A., Duthie, G. M., Sanctuary, C. E., Ballard, D. A., Hickmans, J. A and Dascombe, B. J. (2015). Reliability and usefulness of the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test in Rugby League. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29 (7), 1985 – 1990.

Scott, T. J, Black. C. R., Quinn, J., Coutts, A. J. (2013). Validity and reliability of the session-RPE method for quantifying training in Australian football: a comparison of the CR10 and CR100 scales. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27 (1), 270 – 276.




New South Wales Rugby League

Leeds Beckett University