Dr Mandy Hagstrom

Lecturer in Exercise & Sports Science - School of Science and Technology

Phone: +61 + 61 2 6773 3166

Email: ahagstro@une.edu.au


Mandy’s PhD examined the effect of strength training on immune function in breast cancer survivors.  Prior to starting her academic career in New Zealand, Mandy has worked in a clinical exercise rehabilitation setting with a variety of populations.  Mandy also has an interest in advanced strength training, including the competitive disciplines of weightlifting and powerlifting.


BSc (Sport and exercise)

PgDipSci (Exercise rehabilitation)

MSc (Exercise rehabilitation)

PhD (Health science)

Teaching Areas

EXSC260, EXSC370, EXSC360

Research Interests

Mandy has a strong interest in adaptations to exercise, particularly following resistance training, in clinical populations.  Mandy is currently supervising a PhD student examining the effect of exercise on the human gut microbiome.  Mandy also participates in multiple research collaborations both within the University and externally relating to both sports performance, and to health and exercise.


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