Dr Adrian Gray

Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science , Exercise Physiology, Exercise Testing - School of Science and Technology

Adrian Gray

Phone: +61 02 6773 4511

Email: agray28@une.edu.au


I joined UNE in January 2011, following undergraduate and doctoral studies at the University of Queensland.  I have a keen interest in high performance sport, in particular, optimizing performance and minimizing injury through advancing methods of performance analysis, load monitoring, training and recovery. I have undertaken projects of this nature in both team (Australian Football, Rugby League & Rugby Sevens) and individual sports (Motocross, Rowing & Rock Climbing).


PhD, Grad. Cert. (Higher Ed.), B. App. Sci. (HMS- Ex. Sci.) University of Queensland

Teaching Areas

Involved in the delivery of the following units:

  • EXSC220 Introductory Exercise Physiology
  • EXSC340 Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • EXSC360 Exercise and Health Assessment

Research Interests

My areas of current research are:

  • Microtechnology analytics in sport
  • Physical Preparation (Rugby League, Motocross)
  • Long Term Athletic Development in Women's Sport


Selected Publications

Waldron, M., Highton, J. & Gray, A.J. (2016). Effects of familiarization on reliability of muscle-activation and gross efficiency in adolescents and adults. Cogent Medicine, 3 (1), 123606

Furlan, N., Waldron, M., Osborne, M.A., Gray, A.J. (2016) Ecological Validity and reliability of the Rugby Sevens Simulation Protocol (R7SP). International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. 11(6), 749-755.

Waldron, M., Gray, A.J., Furlan, N., Murphy, A. (2016). Predicting the sprint performance of Adolescent track cyclists using the 3 minute all-out test. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 30 (8), 2299-2306

Cummins, C., Gray, A.J., Shorter, K., Halaki, M. & Orr, R. (2016). Energetic and metabolic power demands of national rugby league match-play. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 37(7), 552-558

Furlan, N., Waldron, M., Shorter, K., Gabbett, T.J., Mitchell, J. Fitzgerald, E. Osborne, M.A., Gray, A.J. (2015) Running Intensity Fluctuations in Elite Rugby Sevens Performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. 10(6), 802-807.

Gray, A.J. and Jenkins D.G., Match Analysis and the Physiological Demands of Australian Football, Sports Medicine, 40(4), 347-360, 2010.

Gray, A. J., Jenkins, D., Andrews, M.H., Taaffe, D.T. and Glover, M.L., Validity and reliability of GPS for measuring distance travelled in field-based team sports, Journal of Sports Sciences, 28(12), 1319-1325, 2010.

Selected Conference Presentations

Gray, A.J., Jenkins, D.G., Andrews, M.H., Taaffe, D.R. and Glover, M.L. (2010, 1- 3 June). Validity of GPS for measuring distance travelled in cricket, Paper presented at the Conference of Science, Medicine & Coaching in Cricket, Gold Coast, Australia, 2010.

Gray, A.J., Jenkins, D.G. and Andrews, M.H, Monitoring running workloads in field based team sports: A new energetic approach using GPS technology, Paper presented at the 2010 Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Port Douglas, Australia, 3-6 November 2010.


Accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Member of Sports Medicine Australia