Professor Geetha Ranmuthugala

Head of School - School of Rural Medicine

Geetha Ranmuthugala

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Geetha Ranmuthugala is an epidemiologist with a track record and interest in health services research, rural health, environmental epidemiology, and Aboriginal Health. Having done her medical training in Papua New Guinea, Geetha practiced as a clinician in rural PNG, Sri Lanka and in Tasmania prior to training as an epidemiologist at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University.

Geetha has a particular interest in research that will inform the delivery of safe and high quality care to rural Australians.

Researcher ID F-5938-2012


MBBS (UPNG), MapplEpi (ANU), PhD (ANU)

Teaching Areas

Epidemiology, health service evaluation, research to inform health service redesign, environmental epidemiology.

Research Interests

Environmental Health
Rural Health
Health Services Research – specifically, clinical audits to inform quality improvement in healthcare
General Practice / Primary Health Care Evaluation
Aboriginal Health

*NHMRC Mental Health Targeted Call for Research into Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention, APP1076729. Indigenous Network Suicide Intervention Skills Training (INSIST): Can a community designed and delivered framework reduce suicide/self-harm in Indigenous youth? Role: CIF. $849,737 (2015- 2018).
*NHMRC Project Grant:  Evaluation of SCID-I in the diagnosis of mental disorders in Indigenous Australians. Role: CIF. $948,048 (2014- 2017).
*ARC Linkage Project: $275,000 (2010 – 2012). Financing aged care in Australia: Mitigating fiscal gaps and maintaining intergenerational equity (LP100100810) Brown L, Harding A, Ranmuthugala G, Hancock R, and Anderson P. Administrating organisation: University of Canberra.
*2007 (November): $69,511. Estimating the burden of disease associated with Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Australia. Abbott Australasia. A/Prof Laurie Brown and G Ranmuthugala. NATSEM.
*2006 (November): $35,000. Early Career Researcher Strategic Grant awarded by the Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences (ECD026).  Effect of dementia training programs for general practitioners on the burden experienced by carers of dementia patients living in rural communities. Note: Grant not accepted due to moving organisations.    
*2005: $47,402. Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Feasibility study to identify aspects of rural placements that influence the likelihood of taking up rural practice. J Humphreys, G Solarsh, G Ranmuthugala et al.      
*2001 – 2002: $1,400,000. AusAID. Risks and Benefits of arsenic mitigation programs in Bangladesh. Smith, W, B, Caldwell, J, Caldwell, B, Douglas, R, Ng, J, Sim, M, Ranmuthugala, G, Milton, AH, Sinclair, M, Harris, A, Moore, A.

Research Supervision Experience

MBBS Honours (UQ), MBBS Integrated Learning Project (UNSW), PhD, MPhil.


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*Kjellstrom T, Lodh M, McMichael AJ, Ranmuthugala G, et al. Air and Water Pollution: Burden and Strategies for Control. In: Jamison DT, Alleyne G, Breman J. et al (eds.) Disease Control Priorities for Developing Countries (2nd edition) Oxford University Press, 2006.

*McMichael AJ and Ranmuthugala G.  Global Climate Change and Human Health. In: Kawachi I and Wamala S (eds.) Globalization and Health Oxford University Press, 2006.


Fellow Royal Society for Public Health  (UK)
Associate Fellow, Australian College of Health Services Management
Associate Member, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Consultancy Interests

Epidemiology, health service evaluation, research to inform health service redesign, environmental epidemiology.