Dr Ben Greatrex

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy - School of Science and Technology

Ben Greatrex

Phone: +61 02 6773 2402

Email: ben.greatrex@une.edu.au


I obtained my PhD from The University of Adelaide in 2004 working with Professor Dennis Taylor on the chemistry of organic peroxides and reactions that can be driven by the high energy peroxide bond. I then travelled to Wellington, NZ where I was employed for 3.5 years in the carbohydrate research group of Professor Richard Furneaux working on commercial drug discovery and competitive grant funded projects. These projects included the synthesis of glycodendrimers and saponins as vaccine adjuvants and the synthesis of some purine analogues. I then spent several years at the University of Wollongong with Professor Stephen Pyne on a Johnson and Johnson project using natural products as privileged scaffolds for drug discovery before joining UNE in 2010.


BSc (Hons), PhD (Chemistry) University of Adelaide

Teaching Areas

Teaching is an important part of academic work and I thoroughly enjoy seeing students develop into professional scientists and pharmacists. As a teacher, I take into account different abilities and learning styles through the use of an array of materials that are relevant to the student. Due to my background in drug development, much of my undergraduate teaching is at the interface of biology and chemistry. I have developed the units Pharmaceutical Science I and II at 1st and 2nd year level and I also teach medicinal, organic and analytical chemistry units.

Research Interests

My research is in the field of organic synthetic methodology, in particular the development of carbohydrates as precursors for the preparation of industrially relevant chemicals such as pharmaceutical starting materials, chiral auxiliaries and metal ligands. A recent focus has been on the production and use of the sugar pyrolysis product levoglucosenone as a biorenewable chemical and the development of new reaction processes which would allow for the use of this compound in synthesis.

Research Supervision Experience

In the past five years I have supervised to completion two PhD students and one MSc student and a large number of honours students. I currently supervise four PhD students and so have a vibrant lab with opportunities for motivated students.



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Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Consultancy Interests

Organic synthesis, contract synthesis and NMR spectroscopy