Associate Professor Habib Zafarullah

Associate Professor - Faculty of Medicine and Health; School of Psychology

Habib Zafarullah

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Habib Zafarullah is Associate Professor of Sociology with a background in Political Science and Public Administration. His research and teaching interests include: public/social policy, globalisation, international development, democratisation and civil society, comparative bureaucracy and public management. He seeks to integrate theory and practice in his research and looks at issues from a pro-people perspective. He believes in an inclusive holistic approach for poverty-stricken countries and argues for a strong public-private nexus in development.


PhD, University of Sydney

Teaching Areas

SOCY313/ 513 Social Policy
SOCY319/ 519 Globalisation, Development & Social Change
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCY110 Foundations of Society

Research Interests

Habib Zafarullah's expertise and research interests cover democratic governance, public and social policy, and international development with a focus on South and Southeast Asia.

Research Supervision Experience

Supervision Areas

  • Social Policy (with focus on welfarism, social security, education and housing policies)
  • Development Governance (with special interest in globalisation and glocalisation, role of the state and international regimes, development policy making)
  • Democratisation (the 'third' sector, decentralisation and citizenship)
  • Comparative Bureaucracies and Public Management (focusing on both liberal democracies and Third World countries)
  • Public Policy Analysis (policy networks and policy implementation)


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Complete list of Habib Zafarullah's publications (PDF)


  • American Society for Public Administration
  • Society for International Development
  • International Political Science Association
  • Commonwealth Association of Public Administration & Management
  • Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Life Member)