Dr Dominic McNeil

Lecturer - Faculty of Medicine and Health; School of Psychology

Dominic McNeil

Phone: +61 2 6773 2410

Email: dmcneil@une.edu.au


B.AppSci (Human Mvt) – University of Ballarat; B.A. (Psych) (Honours) – University of Ballarat, PhD - University of Ballarat

Teaching Areas

EXSC 339 Skill Acquisition and Motor Control for Physical Activity
PSYC 308 Sport Psychology

Supervision Areas:

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Motor Learning

Research Interests

Dominic McNeil's research interest area is in the processes involved in skill learning. The research domains used to explore this research are: Sport Psychology, Motor Cognition and Motor Learning.


Spittle, M., McNeil, D. G., & Mesagno, C. (2012). Distribution of Practice Trials in the Learning and Retention of an Applied Sport Skill. International Journal of Motor Learning and Sport Performance, 2, 42-49.

Kremer, P., Spittle, M., & McNeil, D. G. (2010). The effect of game situation information on video-based perceptual decision-making. Facta Universitatis, Series Physical Education and Sport, 8, 37-46.

Kremer, P., Spittle, M., McNeil, D. G., & Shinners, C. (2009). Amount of Mental Practice and Performance of a Simple Motor Task. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 109, 347-356.

McNeil, D. G., Spittle, M., & Mesagno, C. (2011). Training perceptual skills using imagery. Symposium Presentation at the Asian South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology – 6th Conference, Taipei, Tawain.

McNeil, D. G., Spittle, M., Evans, S., Morris, T., & Mesagno, C. (2010). Imagining Unpredictable Stimuli: Implications for the Applied Use of Imagery. Symposium Presentation at the International Congress of Applied Psychology – 27th World Congress, Melbourne, Australia.