Dr Joshua Matthews

Lecturer - School of Education

Joshua Matthews

Phone: +61 2 6773 5808

Email: jmatth28@une.edu.au

Google Scholar link: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=zxmE25QAAAAJ&hl=en


PhD (University of Newcastle), DipEd (University of Newcastle), BSc (Flinders University)


Dr Josh Matthews is a lecturer in Learning and Teaching at the School of Education. His primary area of teaching expertise is teaching English to speakers of other languages, having experience in this area in a variety of contexts, including the NSW secondary school system, ELICOS and at the tertiary level. Josh also has a strong interest in teacher education, having taught early career teachers both within Australia and overseas.

Research Interests

Dr Matthews' research focuses on the use of technology and innovation in second language (L2) teaching, learning and assessment. Recent research outputs have addressed the use of computers to develop L2 listening skills, and the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and L2 reading and listening. Current research projects involve investigating the use of mobile technology by teachers in the L2 classroom, and the comparison of computer and human evaluations of L2 written texts. Josh also has an interest in inter-disciplinary research, especially that which relates to the use of emerging technologies. His previous work has been published in journals such as Computer Assisted Language LearningLanguage Learning and Technology, ReCALLLanguage Testing and System.


Dr Matthews is happy to receive inquiries from potential research students seeking supervision in the general areas of TESOL, second language learning, vocabulary studies, language testing and the use of technology in language teaching and learning. Inquiries will be promptly addressed.


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Funded research projects

2016 - (November) “Secondary language teachers' experiences of mobile assisted language learning” - University of Newcastle Strategic Networks and Pilot Projects scheme, AU $5,000; Dr Rachel Burke, Dr Joshua Matthews; ongoing

2016 - (May) “Human and computer analyses of written texts: how can their comparison inform approaches to assessment?” - Association for Academic Language and Learning, AU$ 3520; Dr Joshua Matthews, Dr Ingrid Wijeyewardene; ongoing.

2014 - (May) “The contribution of phonological and orthographic vocabulary knowledge on L2 listening and reading” - British Council East Asia Assessment Research Grant AU$ 10,000; Dr Junyu Cheng, Dr Joshua Matthews; complete