Dr Doug Gray

Adjunct Professor - Institute for Rural Futures (IRF)


Doug Gray has 30 years experience of livestock production and health teaching, development research, project management and consulting, with 10 years living in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Achievements have included the design, leadership, implementation and review of livestock-related projects in Australia, South and South East Asia. Research funding has been a total of US$4.8m attracted in 11 research grants with high ratings for research outputs and management resulting in 80 refereed publications and numerous technical reports.

Research and extension experience in Australia targeted the integration of genetic approaches into regional disease control strategies and the inclusion of disease resistance characters into Merino and meat sheep breeding objectives.

In Asia, research has focussed on the application of multidisciplinary research to contribute to development outcomes, especially for smallholder livestock producers. Projects and research strategies have included a wide range of institutions in both developed and developing countries to create innovative approaches to the management of livestock disease and development. Opportunities for livestock to stimulate economic and livelihood benefits and the assessment of applied research capacity are ongoing interests.

Outside his professional life, Doug enjoys playing violin and beekeeping.


  • B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology, University of Glasgow, 1975
  • Ph.D. in Parasitology, University of Glasgow, 1980