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Peter Grave

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BA(Hons), MA(Hons), PhD (Syd)

Major Research Projects (from 2003)

Australian Research Council

2014-17: Kings of the World: Dynamics of Khmer Centralisation 900-1500 CE (DP140103194)
(with Miriam Stark U. Hawaii, Lisa Kealhofer, Santa Clara U., Ea Darith, APSARA Cambodia)

2012-14: Axes, Exchange, Social Change: New Perspectives on Australian Hunter Gatherers (DP12010393) (with Val Attenbrow, Australian Museum)

2005-09: Iron Age Exchange in Anatolia 1200-200BC, an archaeometric approach (DP0558992)
(with Lisa Kealhofer, Santa Clara U.)

2003-05: The Early Modern Economy, East Asia (DP0344782)

Other Current Projects

  Rehydroxylation (RHX) Direct Dating of Archaeological Ceramic and Brick (with Moira Wilson and Sarah-Jane Clelland, U. Manchester, and Cathy Batt, U. Bradford)

Non-destructive pXRF characterisation of a Late Bronze Age Archive of Hittite bullae and tablets from Hattusha
 (with Lisa Kealhofer, Santa Clara U., Andreas Schachner, German Archaeological Institute, Istanbul, Suzanne  Herbordt , U. Leipzig)

Open Access Interoperability and Articulation protocols for large Archaeometric Datasets 
(with Eric Kansa and Sarah Whitcher Kansa, UC Berkeley/ Alexandria Archive Institute)

Recent Publications (from 2009)

Open Access Datasets

1)      Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Ben Marsh, Ulf-Dietrich Schoop, Jürgen Seeher, John W. Bennett, Attila Stopic. "Data Documenting Late Bronze Age Cyprus Ceramics, Trade, Provenience and Geology" (Released 2013-09-21). Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Ben Marsh, Ulf-Dietrich Schoop, Jürgen Seeher, John W. Bennett, Attila Stopic (Eds.) Open Context.

2)      Peter Grave. "Asian Stoneware Jars: Peter Grave" (Released 2013-03-06). Peter Grave (Ed.) Open Context.

Conference Presentations

Grave, P., L. Kealhofer, N. Beavan, S. Tep, M. T. Stark and D. Ea. 2017. Maritime Means and Mountain Ends: Provenance of Angkorian and Post-Angkorian Burial Jars in the Cardamom Ranges, Cambodia. “The Maritime Cultural landscapes and Seascapes of Asia-Pacific: Voyaging, Migration, Colonisation, Trade, and Cross-Cultural Contacts.” 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional conference in Underwater Cultural Heritage, Hong Kong Maritime Museum (11/27-12/2/17).

Ea, D., M. T. Stark, P. Grave, L. Kealhofer and B. S. Tan. 2017. The Khmer Production and Exchange (KPX) Project 2017: Characterizing Khmer Stonewares and Kilns. Binh Dinh Ancient Ceramics – Vijaya Kingdom and its Relationship with Thang Long Citadel – Dai Viet (11th – 15th Centuries), Quy Nhon, Vietnam (10/26-28/17).

Grave, P., L. Kealhofer, A. Desbat, V. Merle, M. T. Stark, Ea Darith, and Tan Boun Suy. 2017. Ceramic Analysis: Provenience & Analytical Resolution. EMAC2017: European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics, France (9/6-/9/17).

Stark, M. T., P. Grave, L. Kealhofer, and Ea Darith. 2017. The Khmer Production and Exchange Project (KPX): Characterizing Khmer Stonewares and their Kilns. Lightning Session, 82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Vancouver, Canada (3/29-4/2/17).

Stark, M. T., P. Grave, L. Kealhofer, and Ea Darith. 2017. Khmer Stoneware Ceramic Production and the Angkorian State. “Recent Developments in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology I: Material Culture Studies.” 82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Vancouver, Canada (3/29-4/2/17).

Book chapters

3) Kealhofer L, Grave P (50%) (2011) The Iron Age on the Central Anatolian Plateau in The Oxford  Handbook  of  Ancient  Anatolia,  10,000-323  BCE.  Oxford,  UK:  Oxford  University  Press ISBN 978-0-19-537614-2

4) *Grave P (80%), Maccheroni M (2009) Characterizing Asian Stoneware Jar Production at the Transition to the Early Modern Period (1550-1650 C.E.) in Scientific Research on Historic Asian Ceramics. Proceedings of the Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art . Washington D.C., USA: Smithsonian Institute ISBN 978-1-904982-46-3.

5)  *Grave,  P  (100%)  (2009)  Chapter  16:  Melting  Moments:  Modelling  Archaeological  High Temperature  Ceramic  Data.  In:  A  Fairbairn,  S  O'Connor  &  B  Marwick  (eds), New Directions  in  Archaeological  Science,  pp  215-32.  Canberra:  Terra  Australis  28  ISBN 9781921536489

6)  Craig,  T,  P  Grave  (30%)  &  S  Glover  (2009)  Chapter  15:  HPLC-MS  characterisation  of  adsorbed residues from Early Iron Age ceramics, Gordion, Central Anatolia. In: A Fairbairn, S  O'Connor  & B  Marwick  (eds),  New  Directions  in  Archaeological  Science,  pp  203-212. Canberra: Terra Australis 28 ISBN 9781921536489.

Journal Articles

7) Grave, P., L. Kealhofer, B. Marsh, U-D. Schoop, J. Seeher, J. W. Bennett, and A. Stopic (2014)  Ceramics, Trade, Provenience and Geology: Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age. Antiquity 88/342, pp. 1180-1200.

8) Grave, Peter, and McNiven, Ian J. (2013) Geochemical provenience of 16th–19th century C.E. Asian ceramics from Torres Strait, northeast Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:12 Pages 4538–4551.

9)  Kealhofer  L,  *Grave  P  (40%),  Marsh,  B.  (2013)  Scaling  Ceramic  Provenience  at  Lydian Sardis,  Western  Turkey. Journal  of  Archaeological  Science  (ERAID  1739)  40/4,  pp.1918-1934.

10) *Grave P., (40%), Lisa Kealhofer, Pavol Hnila, Ben Marsh, Carolyn Aslan, Diane Thumm-Doğrayan, and Wendy  Rigter. (2013) Cultural  dynamics and ceramic resource use at  Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Troy, northwestern Turkey. Journal of Archaeological Science (ERAID 1739;) 40/4, pp.1760-1777.

11) *Grave P., (80%), Attenbrow V, Sutherland L, Pogson R, Forster N (2012) Non-destructive pXRF of mafic stone tools. Journal of Archaeological Science (ERAID 1739; rank: A*) 39/6, pp. 1674–1686.

12).  Mitchell  D.,  *Grave,  P.,  (50%),  Maccheroni  M,  Gelman  E  (2012)  Geochemical characterisation of north Asian glazed stonewares: a comparative analysis of NAA, ICP-OES and non-destructive pXRF. Journal of Archaeological Science (ERAID 1739; rank: A*) 39/9 pp. 2921-2933.

13)  Forster  N,  Grave  P  (30%)  (2012)  Non-destructive  PXRF  analysis  of  museum-curated obsidian from the Near East. Journal of Archaeological Science 39/3, 728-736.

14) Attenbrow V, Graham I, Kononenko N, Corkill T, Byrnes J, Barron L, Grave P (5%) (2012) Crossing  the  Great  Divide:  A  ground-edged  hatchet-head  from  Vaucluse,  Sydney. Archaeology in Oceania (ERAID 7916; rank: A) 47/1, pp.47-53

15) T. I. McLaren, C. N. Guppy, M. K. Tighe, N. Forster, P.  Grave (5%), L. M. Lisle, J. W. Bennett  (2012)  Rapid,  Nondestructive  Total  Elemental  Analysis  of  Vertisol  Soils  using Portable X-ray Fluorescence. Soil Sci.  Soc. Am. J. (doi:10.2136/sssaj2011.0354)  76/4,  pp. 1436-1445

16) *Grave (50%) P, Kealhofer L, Marsh B, Sivas T, Sivas H (2011). Reconstructing Iron Age Community  Dynamics  in  Eskisehir  Province,  Central  Turkey.  Journal  of  Archaeological Method and Theory (ERAID 8090) 19/3, pp. 377-406

17) Forster N, *Grave P (30%), Vickery N, Kealhofer L (2011) Non-destructive analysis using PXRF: methodology and application to archaeological ceramics. Xray Spectrometry (ERAID 34279) 40/5, pp. 389–398.

18) *Grave P (40%), Bennett J, Stopic A (2011) Establishing a basis for nuclear archaeometry in Australia using the 20 MW OPAL research reactor. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (ISSN 0236-5731) 291/1, pp. 13-17.

19)  Kealhofer  L,  *Grave  P  (40%),  Marsh  B,  Steadman  S,  Gorney  RL,  Summers  GD  (2010) Patterns of Iron Age interaction in central Anatolia: three sites in Yozgat province. Journal of Anatolian Studies (ERAID 6771; SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-79251556558) 60 pp.71-92.

20) *Grave P (40%), Kealhofer L, Marsh B, Sams GK, Voigt M, DeVries K (2009) Ceramic production  and  provenience  at  Gordion,  Central  Anatolia.  Journal  of  Archaeological Science(ERAID 1739; SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-68349084619) 36/10, pp. 2162–2176.

21) Kealhofer L, *Grave P (40%), Genz H, Marsh B (2009) Post-collapse: the re-emergence of polity  in  Iron  Age  Boğazköy,  Central  Anatolia.  Oxford  Journal  of  Archaeology  (ERAID 8180; rank: A) 28/3, pp. 275–300.

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