Professor John Ryan

Emeritus Professor of Folklore and Heritage - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

John Ryan

Phone: +61 2 6773 2601



He has lectured and been published in many countries and was Visiting Professor in Folklore at the University of Sheffield in 1995 and again in 1999. He also took a leading part in the Summer School for Tolkien Studies at the University of Otago in 2007 for Pacific Rim countries. His antiquarian interests have made him ever more concerned with heritage matters, both in Australasia and world wide. He has long been a leading historian of historical and cultural matters concerned with Northern New South Wales.


MA (NZ), MA (Oxf), PhD (Cambr.), PhD (UNE), Hon D.Litt (UNE), Einstein Medal, Dip. Cont. Ed. (U.N.E.), F.S.Antiq. (Scot.), F.R.G.S.
[In 1992 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the American Tolkien Society.]

Teaching Areas

(Undergraduate, and higher levels M.A.)

  • Australian Folklore and Australian Folk Speech
  • History of the English Language, Global English, Lexicology
  • Variously in composition, writing and earlier "culture" units.
  • John has supervised numerous theses on speculative fiction, folklore, (neo-Mediaeval) fantasy, Australian fiction, migrant writings, mediaeval literature, (English) lexicography, onomastics, and (historical English/Australian English) dialectology.
  • Regularly called on as Higher Degree examiner in these fields for many universities.
  • Much experience in assisting non-native speakers with their prose style.

Research Interests

  • Australian Folklore/ Folkloristics, i.e. the Traditional (oral, customary) Culture of non-Indigenous peoples;
  • Austral(as)ian English language, especially in relation to its British antecedents and as used by particular writers (i.e. their stylistics);
  • New England Heritage matters, especially the writings, customs, legends and other folk materials relating to the Northern third of New South Wales; and a range of similar interests in the Otago (NZ-Scottish) identity and the related (cultural) diasporas;
  • Australian Biography, especially relating to the New England region's personalities of significance;
  • History of the University of New England, and, particularly, its various  (nearer) cultural outreaches  since  its foundation;
  • Onomastics, i.e the field of proper names  - especially Australian - has long been a particular interest.
  • Career-long interest in the Dickens periodicals, and had several such scholarly committments in the bicentennial year, 2012.
  • Much planned participation in the sesquicentennial of scholarly teaching in Scottish New Zealand (2013)
    • He supplied material for the major such book, ed. by Dr R. Sweetman, Above the City.

Research Supervision Experience

  • Australian Folklore 
  • Folklore in its impact on (Norwegian ) Music
  • Regional Lore in Australia up to c.1914
  • Applied Folklore – as in neo-mediaeval stories
  • Fantasy, especially with neo-mediaeval elements

Masters' theses have been in the fields of Middle English, Fantasy, Neo-Norse writings, Regional Heritage, etc.


Recent Books and Monographs

  • (Ed.) (with Warren Newman), Came to New England.  Armidale : University of New England, 2014. PP. xxiv,  462.
    • 'Introduction', pp. xvi- xxiv.
    • Ch. 23, 'Zelman Cowen (1919-2011): The man  who changed  the tone and style of the University  of New England for ever', pp. 241 -248;
    • Ch .24, (with Jennifer (Dunton) Garden, 'Arthur Dunton: U.N.E.'s most remarkable distance teacher', pp. 249 -261
  • (Ed.) (with R. J. Smith), Australian Folklore vol. 28,  2013 (in Press).  
  • In the Nameless Wood (2013)
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  • (chief editor) New England Lives IV (2011), pp. xx,206.
  • (senior editor) Australian Folklore No. 25 (2010) [Anniversary Issue], pp. xx, 292 [Editorial, pp. ix-xiv.]
  • (principal author), with Arnold Goode, Robert Haworth and Peter O'Donohue, Golden Words and a Golden Landscape: Essays on Uralla gold mining history and a glossary of the miner's language in Australia from the 1850s to 1905.  Armidale: Arts New England and the Uralla Shire Council, 2010. Pp. xv, 181.
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Some Recent Refereed Articles and Chapters

  • 'Some memories and customs of Dunedin, the capital of Scottish Southern New Zealand, 1938 to 1942',  Play and Folklore, no 57, April 2012, pp. 18-19.
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Many of the current 161 articles of mine in the MLA Bibliography are now electronic, as are some 19 of mine in that resource under John Ryan.  Most / all are also available electronically through the Dixson Library, University of New England, as are a number of my books, such as the doctoral thesis, 'A history of adult education at and through the New England University College and the University of New England, 1948 to 1980'.

He is renowned as a former student studying under J. R. R. Tolkien, on whose works he has written much, including:

  • Tolkien: Cult or Culture? (1969)
  • The Shaping of the Maker of Middle-Earth (1992)
  • Tolkien's View (2009)
  • Tolkien: Cult or Culture? (Revised 2nd edition, 2012)
  • In the Nameless Wood (2013)

(The last is much concerned with Tolkien's responses to Lydney, Gloucestershire, in the later Roman period.)


  • FRSA; FRGS; Fellow of the Commonwealth Academy of Biography (Cambridge); F.Soc.Antiq. (Scot.); Member of AIATIS since 1968; Life Member, The Philological Society (London);
  • Editor of Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies (1992-); Chief Editor (2004-)
  • Editorial Board Member of Folk Life: An Ethnological Journal (2000-2009) (one based in Western Europe, but concerned with British culture/like diasporas worldwide);
  • Editorial Board member (2003-2006) for The Greenway World  Encyclopedia of Folk Lore and Folk Life (4 vols.).
  • Editorial Board Member of Seven: An Anglo-American Literary Review (1997-), and there he specializes in advising on its Tolkien scholarship);
  • Former long time Editor, Journal and Proceedings of the Armidale and District Historical Society,  now Life Member;
  • Founder of New England Lives series, 1998 and continuing chief editor.
  • American Names Society, Life Member;
  • Heritage Futures Research Centre (UNE) (2001-);
  • Social History Curators Group (UK), elected overseas member, 2008-.

Consultancy Interests

Largely in the areas of regional cultural projects and their historical aspects, especially in Northern New South Wales, with methodological and editorial advice.

Assessing others' papers for Australian and other scholarly journals.

Advisor on Celtic materials, assessor of bush ballads, etc., as at the 'Celtic Country festivals', 2009 onwards.

In August 2011, Participated in the Eminent stream of the Oral History program of the National Library of Australia, held in Glen Innes. He recorded 6 hours of interviews based on his work as a writer and folklorist. This was supported by about 70,000 words of related text.