Dr Alan Anderson

Lecturer in Music - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Alan Anderson

Phone: +61 02 6773 5781

Email: aander30@une.edu.au


Dr Alan Anderson is a lecturer in music. He currently teaches in the areas of popular music studies, fundamentals of music technology, song writing for contemporary performance, and foundation studies in music performance. Alan has supervised Higher Degree Research (HDR) students to completion on projects investigating the impact of music technology on popular music performance, composition and recording. In addition, he has worked with cross-institutional research teams on distance e-learning projects involving TAFE colleges, Universities and the School of The Air in rural and remote areas of Australia.


BA (Contemporary Music) Hons, MEd, PhD

Teaching Areas

Popular Music
Fundamentals of Music Technology
Songwriting for Contemporary Performance
Foundation Studies in Music Performance.


Selected Publications


Crump Stephen James, Twyford Kylie Ann, Anderson Alan Johnston, Towers Lorraine, Devlin Brian, Hutchinson Amy, ‘Opening Our Eyes: Project Report: Australian Research Council Linkage Project on Interactive Distance eLearning', Australian Research Council, 32, 2009, [R1]

Book Chapter

Ellis, A. & Anderson, A. J. 2009, A snapshot of professional doctorates in Australia. In Miller, P & Marchant, T. (Eds) 2009, Professional Doctorate Research in Australia: Commentary and Case Studies from Business, Education and Indigenous Studies, Southern Cross University Press, Lismore. ISBN 978-1-87585-70-4.

Journal Articles

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Refereed conference papers

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Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education
Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
International Association for the Study of Popular Music
Australian Society for Music Education

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Further Information

Alan has interdisciplinary expertise having lectured in the social sciences, teaching and learning, as well as in music at several universities. Prior to and periodically during his academic career, Alan has worked as a drummer performing with various bands across the genres of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Jazz, Country, Folk and Rock Musical Theatre. He has performed on television and radio shows, and backed artists such as Kirk Lorange, Allan Caswell, Stan Coster, Ray Arnott, and Garry Sterling. Alan has recorded with musicians such as Beau Young, Matthew Potger and former colleague Rob Burns (whose industry credits include having performed with Pete Townsend, Eric Burdon, and on TV shows such as Red Dwarf, Blackadder and Mr Bean). As an undergraduate during the early 1990s at UNE-NR then SCU, Alan studied under and occasionally performed with Jim Kelly, Greg Lyon, Tony Buchanan and Steve Hopes (of Australian jazz fusion band Crossfire) Valerie Tamblyn-Mills, and in workshops with visiting artists such as Jan Preston, Iva Davies, and Jeff Baxter of the Doobie Brothers.