Dr Wing (Iris) Tsoi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Wing (Iris) Tsoi

Phone: +61 2 6773 5815

Email: wtsoi@une.edu.au


My research expertise is focused on aquatic ecology. My research topics have included biofilm biomass, benthic diatom assemblage and ecological stoichiometry (C:N:P) of key aquatic food web components. I have been involved in extensive water quality and aquatic ecosystem health monitoring projects with health indicators including water chemistry, biological patterns (i.e. algae, macroinvertebrate and fish), benthic metabolism and nutrient cycling.

I am particularly interested in understanding the ecology of primary producers and the ecological functions they provide to support aquatic food webs. My research will continue to focus on how biotas interact with their environment and its management implications.

I am currently involved in research for The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, Long-Term Intervention Monitoring Project

  • Junction of the Warrego and Darling rivers
  • Gwydir river system


BSc, MEnvMgt (Hons), PhD

Research Interests

  • Aquatic Ecosystem Health
  • Benthic algal ecology
  • Ecological stoichiometry
  • Food web dynamics


Tsoi, W. Y., W. L. Hadwen, & C. S. Fellows. (2011) Spatial and temporal variation in the ecological stoichiometry of aquatic organisms in an urban catchment. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 30 (2) 533-545.

Jardine, T. D., W. L. Hadwen, S. K. Hamilton, S. Hladyz, , S. M. Mitrovic, K. A. Kidd, W. Y. Tsoi, M. Spears, D. P. Westhorpe, V. M. Fry, F., Sheldon, & S. E. Bunn. (2014) Understanding and overcoming isotopic variability in running waters. River Research and Applications. 30(2) 155-165.