Dr Sang Hong Lee

Senior Research Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Sang Hong Lee

Phone: +61 2 6773 3665

Email: hong.lee@une.edu.au


Dr Sang Hong Lee is interested in better understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits by using advanced statistical models and methods based on the quantitative genetic theory and molecular information. He has extensive experience in developing advanced statistical methods to estimate genetic variance and individual genetic effects based on phenotype-genotype association analyses. Recently, genome-wide SNP data have been available for many traits in many species.

Dr Lee has developed advanced statistical approaches to use genome-wide SNP data to dissect the genetic architecture of complex traits, e.g. estimating genetic variances and individual genetic effects and predicting unobserved future phenotypes based on genome-wide SNP information. The developed statistical approaches were used to analyse a number of species including human, livestock and mice population, leading to the papers published in high profile journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, American Journal of Human Genetics, PLoS Genetics and many others.

Currently, Dr Lee is focused on understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits by tackling G x E interaction. He has developed an efficient statistical tool that can use genome-wide SNP information. The tool will be applied to economically important traits in livestock, health-related traits in human and many other traits of interest in many species.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England
  • Master of Agriculture, University of New England
  • Bachelor of Agriculture, DONG-A University, Pusan, Korea

Research Interests

  • Statistical Genetics
  • Quantitative Genetics
  • Population Genetics
  • Genomics
  • Medical Research


Book Chapters

Yang, J., Lee, S. H., Goddard, M. E., Visscher, P. M. (2013) Genome-Wide Complex Trait Analysis (GCTA): Methods, Data Analyses, and Interpretations Genome-Wide Association Studies and Genomic Prediction. 1019, 215-236

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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