Dr Nancy Vickery

Senior Lecturer - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Nancy Vickery

Phone: +61 2 6773 2496

Email: nvicker2@une.edu.au


  • Undergraduate and post graduate degrees at UNE
  • Worked in the minerals exploration industry in WA for five years in gold
  • Worked for the Geological Survey of NSW for six years
  • PhD at UNE
  • Currently employed part-time as a lecturer
  • Work part time as a consultant to the minerals exploration industry


  • BSc (UNE)
  • Grad Dip (UNE)
  • PhD (UNE)

Teaching Areas

  • GEOL207 Resource geology and environmental issues (coordinator)
  • GEOL209 Introduction to optical mineralogy (coordinator)
  • GEOL303 Exploration and environmental geochemistry (coordinator)
  • GEOL305 Ore deposit geology (coordinator)
  • GEOL312 Geophysics and GIS for Earth Sciences (coordinator)
  • GEOL400 Honours (coordinator)
  • I also teach aspects of geology in GEOL110 and GEOL120

Research Interests

  • New England Orogen
  • ore deposit geology
  • geological mapping
  • geochemistry
  • applied geophysics

Earth Science Research Group


  • Geological Society of Australia
  • Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  • Society of Economic Geologists
  • Geochemical Society

Consultancy Interests

  • economic geology
  • geological mapping
  • geospatial interpretation