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- School of Environmental and Rural Science

Mike Evans


Mike was the final graduate from the combined Natural Resources / Civil Engineering degree, a joint program between UNE and Newcastle University. Between completion of the BE and BNatRes degrees Mike pursued a varied career in civil engineering (rail and urban construction) leading to research interests in water resources management and a PhD in water policy. For a number of years Mike pursued water research opportunities while also becoming involved in UNE staff development and training such as the UNE Leadership Program and work-ready IT courses.

Since 2008 Mike has concentrated on teaching in Physics (fluid mechanics, astronomy, first-year lab), Engineering (structures, concrete technology, geotechnology and soil science) and Maths/Statistics (including public health/epidemiology in the school of Rural Medicine) where his earlier career in nursing has proved useful once again. This diverse teaching portfolio (with fewer research responsibilities) has made it possible for Mike to focus on work-life balance and return to good health.

Mike's research interests include studies related to fluid mechanics (condensation on hydrophobic collecting surfaces, alternatives to mercury in absolute pressure instruments) and to theoretical work in cosmology (brane interpretations of COBE dipole velocity). The school science show The Physics of Fun, presented semi-annually for UNE's "Science in the Bush" and "Siemens Science Experience" programs, is all his own idea.


BNatRes/BE (Hons I x 2), PhD (UNE Centre for Water Policy Research)

Teaching Areas

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Public Health/Epidemiology
  • Concrete Technology
  • Structural Design
  • Statistics
  • Maths/Economics
  • Astronomy


Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia (MIEAust)

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