Dr Jasmine Janes

Postdoctoral Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Jasmine Janes

Phone: +61 2 6773 5837

Email: jjanes@une.edu.au


My research interests revolve around evolutionary systems biology. I am fascinated by the interactions, co-evolution and often co-dependencies among different groups of organisms. Given the complexity of studying such relationships in real time, I employ genomic tools, complimented by ecological approaches. Such methods allow me to elucidate aspects of species’ migration, genetic variation, physiology and behavior in order to answer questions relating to environmental adaptation, speciation, population structure, evolutionary relationships and co-evolution.

My study organisms have included plants, animals and fungi from Australia and North America. To date, I have been involved with projects spanning the areas of climate change, systematics, population genetics, conservation, forest pest management and applications toward biodiversity policy. My research continues to focus on multi-taxon evolutionary biology, incorporating more genomic tools as the field advances.


BSc Hons, PhD (University of Tasmania)


Refereed Articles

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Books & Reports

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