Dr Jamie Gorrell

Postdoctoral Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Jamie Gorrell


  • Doctorate of Philosophy, Specializing in Ecology, University of Alberta
  • Master of Science, Specializing in Biology, Laurentian University
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Majoring in Biology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Research Interests

My expertise in wildlife genetics includes but is not limited to the following topics:

Mark-recapture population size estimation, effective population size, genetic diversity, relatedness, inbreeding, parentage, adoption, pedigree reconstruction, reproductive success and fitness, population structure, population assignment, migration, isolation by distance, landscape genetics, barriers to movement, phylogeography, phylogenetics.


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Gorrell JC, McAdam AG, Coltman DW, Humphries MM, Boutin S. 2010. Adopting kin enhances inclusive fitness in asocial red squirrels. Nature Communications. 1:22. doi:10.1038/ncomms1022

Radio interviews I conducted: CBC Quirks & Quarks, CBC Edmonton AM, CBC Calgary Eyeopener, CBC North Midday Cafe, CHED Edmonton News Window On The World, CHON News Yukon

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