Dr Christopher Goatley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Christopher Goatley

Phone: +61 2 6773 1751

Email: cgoatley@une.edu.au

Twitter: @buzzgoatley


I am originally from the UK, but moved to Australia in 2007 to study marine ecology at James Cook University, Townsville. In January 2017 I began a 3-year UNE postdoctoral research fellowship working on the ecology and function of small, cryptic reef fishes. My research is based in the Function, Evolution & Anatomy Research (FEAR) Lab in the School of Environmental and Rural Science. Working in the FEAR lab I will combine 3D imaging, shape analysis and biomechanical techniques with field work on eastern Australian reef ecosystems to determine what highly abundant, small fishes ‘do’ in reef ecosystems.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Marine Biology (The ecological role of sediments on coral reefs), James Cook University, 2015.
  • Master of Applied Science, Tropical Marine Ecology and Fisheries, James Cook University, 2008.
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Marine Biology, University of Newcastle, UK, 2006.

Research Interests

  • Marine ecology
  • Functional ecology, morphology and evolution of reef fishes
  • Impacts of benthic sediments on coral reef fish function
  • Biodiversity and function of cryptobenthic reef fishes

Further information - personal website


For a full list of publications, please visit Dr Goatley’s Google Scholar or ResearchGate profiles.

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