Dr Yukiyo Nishida

Lecturer, Early Childhood Education - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Education

Yukiyo Nishida

Phone: +61 2 6773 4299

Email: yukiyo.nishida@une.edu.au


Yukiyo is a member of the Early Childhood Education team within the School of Education.


DPhil  University of Oxford, UK
MA    Institute of Education, University of London, UK
BA     Kindergarten and Primary Education, Kobe University, Japan
Early Childhood and Montessori Teaching Dip. (UK)
Kindergarten, Primary school teaching certificate (Kobe Univ., Japan)
Secondary teaching certificate (English language. Kobe Univ., Japan)

Teaching Areas

Early Childhood Education (History, Theory, Practice and Policy)
Sociology of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Inclusive Education

Research Interests

Froebel Education and Kindergarten Movements
The History of Early Childhood Education
Comparative Education
Sociology of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Teacher Education
Inclusive Education



Nishida, Y (2009) The Challenge of Multiage Primary Education in Public Education, Case studies in Australia, Canada and the USA, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & Co. KG, Germany.

Book Chapters

Nishida, Y. (2018). The Transfer, Translation and Transformation of Froebelian Theory and Practice: Annie L. Howe and her Glory Kindergarten and Teacher Training School in Kobe, Japan, 1889-1929. In T. Bruce, P. Elfer, & L. Werth (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Froebel and Early Childhood Practice: Re-articulating Research and Policy. London: Taylor & Francis.

Nishida, Y., & Abe, F. (2016). 'Come, let us Live with our Children' : Undokai, the children's Play Festival at a Froebelian Kindergarten in Japan, 1889-2015. In H. May, K. Nawrotzki, & L. Prochner (Eds.), Kindergarten Narratives on Froebelian Education: Transnational Investigations (pp. 151-165). London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Journal articles

Nishida, Y. (2019). Something old, Something new, something borrowed, and Something Froebel?: The development of Origami in early childhood education in Japan, Paedagogica Historica.

Nishida, Y. (2018). Origami and Froebel Stars: Froebel’s Theory and Pedagogy in Japanese Kindergartens, History of Education Researcher

Nishida, Y. & Sims, M. (2018). Short-Term International Experience (STIE) and Students' Understanding of Quality Early Childhood Service Provision. Journal of Education and Learning7(2), 21-33.

Nishida, Y. (2015). A chrysanthemum in the garden: a Christian kindergarten in the Empire of Japan. Paedagogica Historica, 51(3), 280-297.

Nishida, Y. (2014). "Come, let us live with our children!" The Kindergarten's arrival in Japan. Early Education Journal, 72, 6-7.


The International Froebel Society

The Society for the History of Children and Youth

Consultancy Interests

Alternative Education (Montessori, Steiner( Waldorf), and Reggio Emilia)
Study Abroad and Exchange Programmes
Inclusive education and practice (Origami Therapy)