Associate Professor Charles Kivunja

A/Professor, Learning and Teaching - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Education

Charles Kivunja

Phone: +61 2 6773 2005



I am a member of the Learning and Teaching team. I teach Pedagogy (Learning, Teaching, Assessment, Curriculum Development – EDLT217/EDLT219/EDUC206), Research Methods (EDRM590 and EDRM591), Mixed Research Methods (EDCX504), and the doctoral leadership unit: Researching Leadership in Professional Contexts (EDCX682). The pedagogy units deal with Planning Lessons and Assessing for Active Learning as well as Theories, Strategies and Skills for Best Practice Pedagogy in the 21st Century classroom. Research methods units aim at equipping HDR students with the knowledge and skills they need to a) write an effective HDR research proposal for confirmation of candidature, b) conduct research in an ethical manner, and c) write an effective HDR thesis for a master’s or doctoral award. The mixed research methods module teaches strategies and skills that are used in quantitative and/or qualitative research studies. The doctoral leadership unit deals with different aspects of leadership and culture in the workplace, especially in educational contexts. My current service role is as Head of Department – Diversity, Equity and Sustainability – which comprises the Early Childhood Education, as well as Health, Physical, and Sports Education disciplines.

I am particularly interested in research that applies qualitative research methodologies and my service role with regard to this includes Manager and Coordinator of UNE's Leximancer qualitative software. My broad research interests lie in foundational theories of learning, teaching and assessment (pedagogy), including multigrade pedagogy, and educational leadership, and in the application of different research methods, and I have supervised several doctoral theses to successful completion in these areas. Arguing that Learning, Teaching and Assessment should be treated as three pillars in a well-integrated pedagogy, I have written a book on this topic which has been published by Oxford University Press and its details are available through this link:

As a teacher and practitioner of Research Methods, I have published a digital book, entitled Research Methods in Education: Theories, Principles, Strategies and Analytical Skills Needed to Complete a Research Proposal and a Higher Degree Thesis. The book is published by TopHat, in Toronto, Canada and is available online through this link:

An area that I have been working on for quite some time now is the use of social media technologies in pedagogy in what I call the New Learning Paradigm. In it I advocate not only embedding social media technologies into pedagogy but teaching not just the traditional 3Rs but also the 21st Century Super 4Cs of Critical thinking and problem solving, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, and Communication. I have published on this and other topics in several international journals and interesting reading of these can be accessed through this link:


PhD (UWS) Pedagogy, Leadership and Research Methods
M.Ed.(UWS) Leadership
M.Agric. Econ.(USyd)
M.Sc Marketing (UNairobi)
B.A. Hons (UMakerere)
Dip.Ed. (UMakerere)