Dr Chuanmei Dong

Lecturer , Early Childhood Education - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Education

Chuanmei Dong

Phone: +61 6773 5505

Email: cdong2@une.edu.au


Chuanmei is a lecturer in the Early Childhood Education at UNE. Before joining UNE in 2018, Chuanmei taught early childhood education and research courses, as well as technology in education at the University of Newcastle and TAFE Higher Education, NSW. Chuanmei has also worked as an early childhood teacher in a preschool in Newcastle. Prior to her postgraduate studies, she was a school teacher in Mainland China.



Teaching Areas

Early childhood education philosophy and practice
Children discovering multiliteracies
Early Childhood Education: Children’s Places
Multimodal Media and Digital Technology
Research in Early Childhood Education

Research Interests

Young children’s use of ICT for learning and development
ICT training and professional development
Early childhood educators’ perspectives and pedagogical approaches
STEM education in the early years



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China Road International Conference 2016 Newcastle: Cultural impacts on ICT use in early childhood educational practices
Newcastle-Macquarie Conference 2015 Newcastle: Influence of educational traditions on today’s ICT classroom practices
Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) 2014 Seoul: Preschool teachers’ perceptions and pedagogical practices regarding the use of ICT
Postgraduate Educational Research Conference 2013 Sydney: Young children’s use of ICT
SSTAR conference 2012 Newcastle: A literature review of early childhood educators’ perspectives on the use of ICT


Early childhood Australia
Australian Association for Research in Education

Consultancy Interests

Guiding and supporting young children’s use of ICT
Developing early childhood educators’ ICT based pedagogical practices