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Derek Baker is Professor of Agribusiness and Value Chains. His research interests are in measurement and analysis of food industry performance, particularly in the development of empirical value chain analysis. A research and project manager by profession, Derek has worked in the private and public sectors of food, farm and primary industry in over 40 countries.


GCERT (Research Management) Melbourne University 2016.

PhD (Agricultural Economics) Pennsylvania State University 1991.

B Agr Sc (Hons I) Massey University 1984.

Teaching Areas

Teaching areas and award
Undergraduate Level


OSSE 300


HORT 420

Post-graduate Level



HDR supervision topic areas
  • Network analysis of primary industry
  • Supply Chain and Value Chain performance analysis
  • Quantitative modelling of whole-chain systems
  • Innovation and technology uptake in primary industries
  • Policy toward primary industries and whole-chain development
  • Social Enterprises

Research Interests

Supply chains

Agricultural and food sector policy

Agroindustrial strategy

Regional and rural agroindustrial economics

Research Supervision Experience

Research/teaching grants and consultancies
  • Australian Meat Processor Corporation on Innovation in Red Meat Processing
  • Agrifutures on Investment Analysis for Rural Roads
  • Border Regional Organisation of Councils on Rural Infrastructure
  • CSIRO on Rural Infrastructure Investment
  • FAO project on Livestock Data Measurement
  • IFPRI on Value Chain Analysis for Product Marketing
  • IFPRI on training in Value Chain Analysis
  • ILRI on Dairy Development Economics
  • Australian Organic
HDR supervision data

Kanar Hamza – System Dynamics of Agricultural Value Chains

Yue (Nikki) Zhang – the Value of Supply Chain Information in the Red Meat Industry

Matthew Wysel – Management of Information Platforms

Lorraine Gordon – Alternative Beef production Systems

Zenal Asikin – Business Models in Indonesian Beef Value Chains

Peter Musinguzi – Social Enterprise in Rural Areas


Journal Articles and Books

Azeem, M. M., Baker, D., Villano, A. R., Mounter, S., & Griffith, G. (2019). Response to stockout in grocery stores: a small city case in a changing competitive environment. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

Azeem, M., Baker, D., Villano, R., Mounter, S. & Griffiths, G. (2018). Determinants of food shoppers' share of wallet: The case of a small Australian city featuring competitors' entry. Journal of Business Research.

Baker, D. & 12 others (2018). Australian Organic Market Review, 2018 Edition.

Dizyee, K., Baker, D. & Rich, K. (2017). A quantitative value chain analysis of policy options for the beef sector in Botswana. Agricultural Systems, 156, 13-24.

Baker, D., Hamza, K., Parker, W., Scrimgeour, F. & Griffith, G. (2016). Public and private interests in primary industry chains and networks: Case studies and a new agenda. Systems Research and Behavioural Science, 34(6), 699-709.

Griffith, G., Gow, H., Umberger, W., Fleming, E., Mounter, S., Malcolm, W. & Baker, D. (2016). Refocussing on the Value Chain Perspective to Analyse Food Beverage and Fibre Markets.  Australasian Agribusiness Perspectives Paper 104.

Baker, D. & Enahoro, D. (2014). Policy analysis and advocacy for livestock-based development: the gap between household-level analysis and higher-level models. Food Policy, 49(2), 361-364.



Baker, D., Villano, R., Mounter, S., Griffith, G. and Leu, S. (2017). Retail Food Purchase Behaviour in the Presence of New Supermarket Entry. Paper presented at the 61st AARES Annual Conference, Brisbane, Australia. 7‐10 February 2017.

Baker, D. (2017). Advances in data collection methods for smallholder livestock systems – proxy data applications. Paper presented at the ISI World Conference, Marrakesh, Morocco. 19 July 2017.

Lefley, E., Leu, S. and Baker, D. (2017). Development of Economic Resilience Indicators for Australia’s Regions: An Application to Rural NSW. Paper presented at the 61st AARES Annual Conference, Brisbane, Australia. 7‐10 February 2017.

Rich, K., Mtimet, N., Msangi, S., Baker, D., Lapar, L. and Okike, I. (2015). Livestock in the Dragon’s Den: Linking policies and models for best-bet interventions. Paper presented at the 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Milan, Italy.  8-14 August 2015.

Bahta, S., Baker, D., Malope, P. and Katjiuongua, H. (2015). A meta-frontier analysis of determinants of technical efficiency in beef farm types: an application to Botswana. Paper presented at the 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Milan, Italy.  8-14 August 2015.

Industry audience

Baker, D. (2018). Getting into Farming: State of the Play and Models for New Farmer Entry. Address to Rural Focus event, Armidale, 2 August 2018.

Baker, D. (2017). Innovation and the needs of small agribusiness firms. Rural Focus event, Armidale NSW. 25 July 2017

Baker, D. (2017). The future of agribusiness and the role of collaborative action. Farming Together Conference, Adelaide SA, 8 June 2017.

Baker, D., Hadley, D. & Anderson, D. (2017). Research activities on rural roads. Project report 010764.  Agrifutures, Wagga Wagga, Australia.

Baker, D. & L. E. Morales (2015) Scope for Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Analysis of Value Addition for Products in Remote Areas. Paper presented at 2015 Conference “Thriving Through Transformation – Local to Global Sustainability” Armidale, NSW. 20 October 2015.

Toohey, E., Baker, D. and Hopkins, D. (2015). Red Meat Processing Innovation Centre of Excellence in Australia: current innovation support practice, foreign experience, and results of a national survey of red meat processors. Australian Meat Processors Corporation.

Baker, D. (2015) Will 2040’s Australian agricultural professionals be born or made? After dinner address to Agricultural Institute of Australia Conference, Brisbane, QLD. 20 May 2015.

Baker, D. (2014) Incentives in the Australian Sheep Meats Industry: the place of Eating Quality in Research Planning. National Sheep Supply Chain Group. Gold Coast, Australia. 15 October 2014.

Government audience

Baker, D. (2018). Agricultural Technology and Opportunities in the Regional Economy. Address to Regional Economic Development Strategy meeting of the Glenn Innes Shire Council. Glenn Innes, 13 October 2018.

Baker, D. (2018). The Future of Work: Back-casting the needs for the New Economy in New England Northwest from 2038. Presenter, Facilitator.  Tamworth, 8 October 2018.

Baker, D. (2018). Economic Enterprise Elements of Benefit-Cost Analysis in the Upgrading of Rural Roads. Address to Border Regional Organization of Councils, Bingara NSW, 4 May 2018.

Baker, D. (2018). Submission on Food Market Concentration to the South Australian Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee in the Primary Producers’ Inquiry. Hansard (p. 35) Adelaide, 7 June 2017.

Baker, D. (2017). Supply chain synergies: a look at comparative advantage across supply chain stages: “Sustainability in Food Value Chains: Australian and European Perspectives”. University of Adelaide. 29 September 2017.

Baker, D., L. Conway & B. Gregory (2016). Results of a Skills Audit for the Future Regional Economy in New England and the Northwest. Address to the Armidale Business Chamber, 10 June 2016.

Baker, D. (2015). Opportunities for Australian Agribusiness in China. Keynote address at regional meeting of New England Chambers of Commerce, Armidale, NSW. 10 June 2015

Cacho, O., Baker, D. & Fleming, E. (2014). Beyond the farm gate: opportunities for Australian food industry policy. Submission to Australian Ministry of Agriculture’s Policy White Paper.


  • Australian Institute of Agriculture
  • International Farm and Agribusiness Management Association (Board Member 2018)
  • International Society of Farm Management
  • Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (New England Branch President 2018)
  • American Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education
  • Nordic Food Group
  • Fulbright Scholars Alumni Association
  • Australasian Research Management Society
Other school/university/external roles

Senior Common Room for UNE’s Robb College

Management Committee Member, UNE SMART REGION INCUBATOR

Co-trainer and manager of UNE teams for IFAMA Student International Case Study Competition (With Dr Stuart Mounter and Ms Sally Strelitz)

Consultancy Interests

Development economics

Agro-industrial adjustment

Regional Economics

Livestock production and marketing